Dr. Cathy Appelt and Terri Baltimore's Journal Club

  • 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Virtual

We continue our CETR Journal Club in January with Dr. Cathleen Appelt, Assistant Professor from Sociology, and Ms. Terri Baltimore, Community Organizer. They will discuss the following:

Successful collaborative community-engaged teaching requires an established, authentic relationship between co-teachers and a commitment to prioritizing people and relationships ahead of plans. Dr. Cathleen Appelt and Ms. Terri Baltimore will share lessons learned from two semesters of community-engaged co-teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic. When COVID-19 dashed community-engaged research plans in their Spring 2020 course, their commitment to prioritizing people over plans allowed space for the emergence of a student-initiated community-engaged project to provide support to older adults living in local high-rise apartment buildings (the subject of their recent reflective essay). What began as a community-engaged term project in their virtual classroom has grown into a student-led, extracurricular, multidisciplinary, and cross-generational co-learning experience that has attracted more students from across campus. In Fall 2020, Dr. Appelt and Ms. Baltimore co-taught a second community-engaged course in which students developed virtual programming to support the new virtual delivery of Macedonia FACE's Senior Program. Currently, the Co-Instructors are leveraging work products from their second course to support the student-led, community-engaged extracurricular activities of a growing group of students that began in their Spring 2020 course.

Appelt, Cathleen J. and Terri Baltimore. (In Press.) "Facilitating Student Engagement and Cross-Generational Interdependence: Lessons learned from community-engaged teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic." Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal. (Accepted for publication November 2, 2020.)

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