Getting Started: FCEL and ACEL Course Designation Tutorial

  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Getting Started: Community-Engaged Learning Course Designation Tutorial

Facilitated by: Dr. Jessica Mann, Assistant Vice President of Community Engagement and Deanna Fracul, Faculty and Partnership Development Manager

Community Engaged-Learning (CEL) is not just volunteering in the community-it is a way to learn and teach that leverages public problem solving to generate knowledge, enhance participant skill sets, and engage in our larger institutional mission and strategic plan. Moreover, building a CEL course does not mean that you have to start from scratch. Instead, you can consider modifying existing assignments, exercises, readings, and experiences that connect your course to the world beyond our campus and connect your course learning outcomes to collective action and public deliberation.

During this practical tutorial we will:

  • Provide a brief overview of the key elements of Duquesne's two-tiered model of Community-Engaged Learning.
  • Offer practical suggestions to help elevate your existing course to a Community-Engaged Learning experience.
  • Provide resources for preparing your own Community-Engaged Learning course proposal.
  • Set aside time for questions and answers.

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