The Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellowship

The Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellowship, sponsored by the Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research, enables faculty members to share successful community-engaged teaching strategies, assist emerging community-engaged teachers, and disseminate his or her promising practices in the form of an academic product. Through the Gaultier Fellowship, CETR hopes to contribute to future generations of community-engaged teachers by:

  • Establishing cohorts of Master Teachers with expertise in particular facets of community-engaged teaching
  • Advancing a form of mentorship between master and emerging community-engaged teachers
  • Enhancing the quality of community-engaged learning experiences for Duquesne undergraduates.

Our call for applications this year is open topic, with the expectation taht submissions will reflect an aspect of community-engaged teaching that needs to be strengthened at Duquesne. Our goal is to allow community engaged faculty to share their innovative, sustainble, or generative teaching strategies that might not have aligned with our previous themes. However, we remain committed to creating a critical mass of Master Teachers who have a vehicle to share much-needed expertise in important aspect of community-engaged teaching.

Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellowship

2022-2023 Gaultier Fellow

Dr. Anita Zuberi

Dr. Anita Zuberi - Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

The Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research would like to congratulate Dr. Anita Zuberi (Sociology) on being named the Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year.

As this year's Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellow, Dr. Zuberi will contribute to community-engaged teaching and scholarship at Duquesne by looking inward to our University Community for models of success while expanding connections externally to create stronger, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Dr. Zuberi joins a prominent cohort of Master Teachers that have utilized the Gaultier Fellowship as a vehicle to share their much-needed expertise across the university and beyond. This distinction carries a $4,000 fellowship to support Dr. Zuberi's community-engaged teaching and research initiatives throughout the academic year.

Again, we congratulate Dr. Zuberi and look forward to supporting her engagement with faculty, staff, students, and partners as the 2022-2023 Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellow!