What Our Partners Say

Marque Stansberry

Director of Supportive Services and Program Development at Jasmine Nyree Homes, Inc.

"Duquesne's CETR is fully committed to its community mission. They are an invaluable resource that provides expertise and support to community-based organizations like ours. Their support truly blesses us."

Tyian Battle

Founder & Executive Director, ACH Clear Pathways

"Thank you all so much for believing in the mission of our organization! It has been nothing but love when we partner with CETR--even the parents have noticed it, our staff feels it, and our kids just love being in a university atmosphere."

Celeta Hickman

Founder, Ujamaa Collective

"Duquesne's approach is creating a whole and humane student. That is different from what Pitt and CMU are doing."

What Our Students Say

Jessica McKown

CES Class of 2014

"My experience in the scholar's program was wonderful and eye-opening. From the weekly seminars to the real-world experience, my understanding and involvement of the work I always wanted to be a part of grew. Being able to apply our seminar lessons to real world practice not only offered a greater understanding of the work we were doing in the community, but also helped set the tone for my future. My eyes were open to the gaps, the needs and the social injustices of our community and the society as a whole. I sought out fellowships and jobs in the non-profit and local government world. I now work as the Program Data Specialist in the Bureau of Homeless Services for Allegheny County DHS. I work closely with case managers for the homeless programs in Allegheny County and always try to ensure I am using my lessons from my time as a scholar in those interactions. If I could tell you one thing I took away from my time as a scholar, it's remembering to work with people, not at or for them. You can't change someone's life/situation by imposing your own values on them. Listening is the key to learning and making an impact."

Catherine Lee

CES Class of 2020

"While in the scholar's program, I worked with the Just Harvest organization, a non-profit anti-hunger organization. This organization allowed me to understand better what was happening in the communities in and around Pittsburgh, which has helped me better understand my students. Teachers have such a lasting effect on their students that we must understand the different challenges in their lives. I have been able to apply so much of what I learned with my Community Partner in my classroom today! The lessons learned in this program are relevant to everyone in every field of work."

Dora Walmsley

CES Class of 2007

"Participation in the Scholars in Service to PA program provided meaningful opportunities for me to connect concepts being taught in the classroom to local issues affecting the community. Participation in the Scholars in Service to PA program provided a foundation of experiential learning opportunities which greatly helped in launching of my career in Pittsburgh's non-profit sector post-graduation."