Duquesne ESL students have many opportunities to practice English outside of class, like meeting for "Coffee and Conversation" at Starbucks.

The Duquesne ESL Program is a great place to meet friends from all around the world. Our diverse student body includes young adults Afghanistan, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Japan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam, and Venezuela...just to name a few!

ESL students created models of important buildings in downtown Pittsburgh after taking a walking tour of Grant Sreet with the Pittsburgh History & Langmarks Foundation.

Pittsburgh is considered to be one of the best cities for young people based on job opportunities, affordability and livability.

The Duquesne ESL Program is a great place to meet friends from all over the world.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)


Improving English Language Skills

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program offers classes in speaking, listening, reading and writing to help students improve their English. It helps them to be ready to enroll in university degree programs which require English for academic study.


ESL Program Profile

The ESL program at Duquesne has many aspects which benefit students:

  • Accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and approved by government and private sponsors around the world.
  • Classes at beginning, basic, intermediate, and advanced levels in either intensive (20 hours per week) or semi-intensive (16 hours per week) programs.
  • ESL Program student services, including on-site tutors, conversation partners, field study trips to locations in Pittsburgh, and ESL academic advisors.
  • Customized for students who:

    -  Plan to enroll in or are already conditionally accepted to a university after completing the ESL Program at Duquesne University

    -  Are accepted to an academic degree program at Duquesne University but whose English skills require improvement

    - Want to study only English as an ESL Only, non-degree student.

Helping Students Meet their Goals

ESL classes are offered as part of Duquesne University programs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the same schedule of classes as Duquesne University with flat-rate costs. These additional services will help you in your studies and life at Duquesne.

  • Office of International Programs (OIP) providing pre-arrival information, issuance of F and J student visas, and comprehensive international student services including arrival orientation.
  • On-campus housing available through the entire calendar year, home stay opportunities with U.S. families, and referral services for off-campus housing.
  • Duquesne University Student Life events, activities, and organizations offering excellent opportunities to meet US students and practice English.
  • Faculty members, at both doctoral and master's degree levels, experienced in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and assisting learners.

Please review this site to learn more about our program.  We will be happy to answer your questions.