ESL Classes

Duquesne University ESL Program

Our ESL Program offers classes from basic to advanced levels. Placement and selection of the appropriate program, level, and courses depends on placement test results, academic goals, and admission status at Duquesne University (undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree ESL Program student). ESL Program Class Map


For all students (undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree ESL). Twenty hours per week at five levels are available, from Basic A (no minimum placement score required) to Advanced B (exit level equivalent to TOEFL iBT score of 70 and Writing Test score above 4.5).

• Grammar
• Reading
• Writing
• Speaking and Listening
• Note-Taking and Discussion

Students accepted to undergraduate degree programs at Duquesne University may earn up to six university credits for completion of Intensive Program classes.


A sequence of two courses for students accepted into undergraduate programs at Duquesne University. Placement into the first Freshman Writing course requires completion of the Intensive English Program or (for new students), a score above 4.5 out of 6 total on the ESL Program Writing Test.

• Core Information Literacy: UCOR100E Research and Information Skills (2 credits)
• Core Writing: UCOR101E Thinking and Writing Across the Curriculum (3 credits)
• Core Literature: UCOR102E Imaginative Literature and Critical Thinking (3 credits)

Students in these ESL sections earn academic credit and meet the University requirements for English Composition and Information Literacy


Pathway Program Level 1: Five integrated courses offer 16-18 hours of instruction per week for students preparing to enter graduate programs. Students may begin this program with a minimum proficiency equivalent to iBT score 70.

• Academic Lectures for ESL (2 hours)
• Academic Reading in Context (4 hours)
• Academic Speaking in Context (3 hours)
• Academic Listening and Vocabulary in Context (3 hours)
• Academic Writing in Context (4 hours)

Pathway Program Level 2: Three courses address graduate students' specific needs for writing, speaking/presentation, and integrated skills for the graduate- level academic context. These 4-hour courses are for students with a minimum proficiency of 80 iBT (or equivalent).

• Graduate Research Paper
• Graduate Academic Discourse
• Seminar for International Teaching Assistants

ESL Program Achievement Scale and Interpretation