Approximate Costs

Global English Institute (GEI) Costs

The following costs are estimated based on a student's enrollment in the Global English Instiute (GEI) Intensive English Program (IEP) which offers instruction for 20 hours per week during each semester. Click here to view the Summer 2021 ESL tuition rates.


One Semester
(Four Months)

Two Semesters
(Eight Months)

Three Semesters
(Eleven Months)

Tuition for full-time study

(5 courses per semester)

$ 6,375

$ 12,750

$ 19,125

One-time Testing Fee - General Proficiency*





$ 7,072

$ 14,144

$ 21,216

Personal Expenses

$ 1,100

$ 2,200

$ 3,000

Health Insurance 

$ 918

$ 1,836

$ 2753





Other Cost Factors

• Tuition charges per semester are estimated based on a fee of $1,275.00 per four-hour course.  Costs for some courses vary.

• For details of testing fees other than general proficiency, see English Proficiency Requirements.

• Housing cost is based on a double room and full meal plan.

• Estimated for one person (with no accompany dependents); cost of textbooks may be up to $400.00 per semester.

• Health insurance is required.  Students may buy their own insurance or buy it through Duquesne University.

Costs are subject to change.  Please contact the program for most recent costs.