Global English Institute (GEI)

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  • Learn the necessary language skills to achieve success in your university studies.
  • Gain understanding of American academic culture.
  • Study English at any level - take a look at our program map
  • Engage with the local community through program activities.
  • Join the campus community and enjoy access to all university resources.

Welcome to the Global English Institute!

For more information, email the Global English Institute.

Semester Schedule

Fall Semester - August to December (15 weeks)

Spring Semester - January to May (15 weeks)

Summer Session 1 - May / June (6 weeks)

Summer Session 2 - July / August (6 weeks)

Reach English Proficiency for full admission to Duquesne!

Undergraduate English Gateway    

Graduate Pathway Program   

International Admissions

*Program start and end dates are subject to change.