Students and teacher interacting

The first year in the Gussin Spiritan Division begins with a concentrated two-week summer semester.

Gussin Spiritan Division

Teaching, caring and building futures through a community of excellence.

The Robert and Patricia Gussin Spiritan Division of Academic Programs or Gussin Spiritan Division (GSD) is a comprehensive network of academic programssupport services and faculty that help a select group of students strengthen their skills to become successful learners within their chosen programs of study while at Duquesne University-and beyond!

Hundreds of students have built a foundation of academic success with the skills they learned with the GSD to graduate with degrees from Duquesne. Many have also continued to pursue graduate studies.

In addition to developing the academic tools needed to thrive in their undergraduate studies, they also find friendships and a community of support with other GSD students.