About Us


The mission of the Robert and Patricia Gussin Spiritan Division of Academic Programs or Gussin Spiritan Division (GSD) is teaching, caring and building futures through a community of excellence. The GSD uses intellectual potential as the overriding criterion for University admission and makes available to students a comprehensive network of programs and services to help them develop the academic and social skills required in higher education to be successful learners within their chosen programs of study.

Our Students

GSD boasts an average of 50 first-year Duquesne students annually who:

  • Are selected from applicants for admission to Duquesne.
  • Have high school academic achievements that indicate the potential for college success.
  • Have credentials similar to recent graduates of the University.
  • Are willing to work with the Division to assure academic and personal success.
  • Are academically competitive with other Duquesne freshmen.

GSD & Duquesne Community

GSD students are full members of the Duquesne University community with the same access, opportunities and responsibilities to:

  • Share all the benefits and responsibilities of campus life.
  • Agree to fully participate in all GSD courses, programs and services.
  • Benefit from membership in a learning community of students united by common interests and characteristics.
  • Enroll in standard University courses, including the Bridges Common Learning Experience.
  • Be bound by the University policy on Academic Integrity.
  • Participate in all extra-curricular and intramural and collegiate athletic activities.
  • Academically compete successfully with other Duquesne freshmen while building social connections.
  • Use all Duquesne undergraduate student academic and student support services.


The GSD is located the Ground Floor of the Administration Building (Old Main) directly across McAnulty Drive from Canevin Hall.

Map of campus showing Gussin Spiritan Division location