Academic Life Coaching

The Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center's Academic Life Coach Program provides Duquesne University students certified life coaches skilled in offering personalized and individualized student support.

Tenacity is the strong fiber that helps us realize the goals we have set for ourselves. Invariably there are times when students are beset by impediments that retard growth. These are times when students can use support to help them recapture the drive and determination that will propel them into success producing life styles. The Academic Life Coach can provide that individualized and personalized support to aid students in identifying those stress producers in their lives that may be taking a toll.

The Academic Life Coach can help students set goals that can result in students experiencing ongoing success and ultimately earning a degree. Coaches are armed to assist students with varying issues that stymie successful endeavor. In contending with rough patches, Academic Life Coaching can help lead to greater motivation and revitalization to push forward to meet academic goals leading to graduation.

Students are distinct individuals with their own abilities, insights, and issues. Academic Life Coaches will help students confront and conquer different challenging circumstances. The following areas present challenges that are common to many students and can have impact on student success. These areas constitute the themes that Academic Life Coaches will help students address during coaching sessions.

A Path to Graduation

MOTIVATION AND ACCOMPLISHMENT - Students will learn ways to find motivators that work for them and to develop approaches to meet their goals.

STUDY METHODS - Students will know their learning preferences, learn effective study strategies, and commit themselves to high achievement.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Students will learn how to create a balance between academic and non-academic responsibilities that responds to their values and priorities.

SUPPORT SYSTEMS - Students will learn the importance of having a support system that includes reliable relationships.

IDENTITY AND BELONGING - Students will be able to give voice to their individuality, both their personal and social distinctiveness; form relationships of importance to their sense of belonging, while managing the changes related to a new campus culture.

MAJOR AND CAREER RELATIONSHIP - Students will be able to express the values and interests that are foundational for academic achievement, that prominently figure into their choice of major, and that help shape plans for realizing career goals.

HEALTH - Students will recognize the importance of tending to their overall health and wellness through putting in place structures that aptly address them.

RESILIENCE - Students will learn the importance of supporting their mental and physical states and overcoming challenges through resilience.

FINANCES - Students will recognize the importance of the financial responsibilities related to college enrollment, locate financial resources, and be grateful for the benefits that a college degree carries.