The Right Balance

The Gussin Spiritan Division (GSD) curriculum coursework, field experience and faculty include the right balance of structure and encouragement that gives students the confidence they need to succeed. GSD students declair their majors and transfer to their intended Duquesne school once they meet the requirements of their chosen schools and complete at least 34 credits by the end of their freshman year, including:

  • The mandatory five-week, resedential summer semester that starts late June through late July.
  • All GSD-related curriculum requirements
  • A selection of courses from the Bridges Common Learning Experience

Field Experience

The GSD curriculum includes a field experience course that satisfies the University service learning requirement and brings GSD students face-to-face with local elementary, middle and high school students.


In many ways, the GSD is a "satellite campus" with its own dedicated team of GSD faculty and support staff poised to mentor students and bolster their confidence to help them grow at their own pace.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Once a student enrolls at the University, the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) take effect:

  • FERPA prohibits the University from disclosing a student's education records to most third-parties, including parents, without the student's consent. See Parent Handbook
  • An enrolled student may waive FERPA rights to specific persons, e.g., parents, by logging onto DORI and following the steps in Self-Service Banner to complete the FERPA Waiver