University Core Curriculum

University Core Courses (21 credit hours)
English Composition (6 credits total)
UCOR 101 Thinking and Writing Across the Curriculum (3 cr.)
UCOR 102 Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing (3 cr.)
Theology (3 credits)
UCOR 141 Biblical and Historical Perspectives (This is the GSD core requirement).
Philosophy (3 credits)
UCOR 132 Basic Philosophical Questions

Theme Area Courses (3 credits each)
Students must see their Academic Advisor for a full listing of Theme Area courses and choose one from each area.

The Theme Areas are:

  • Creative Arts
  • *Faith and Reason
  • *Global Diversity
  • Social Justice
  • *Theme Area requirements in Faith and Reason and Global Diversity are already satisfied within the GSD curriculum.