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Student Testimonials

Here's what our students have to say about services they receive here at the GSD:

Summer 2013 Testimonials

  • "GSD is like a safety net, the majority of the staff are kind and caring. Also really liked the summer program."
  • "All of the extra help. It helped me to adjust to college in a way that I never could have done without it." 
  • ""The beast feature is the help we receive from the division." 
  • "Meetings with the advisor and the Assistance"
  • "Gives students an opportunity to transition into college more smoothly than most." 
  • "Close-knit community and very strong friendships."
  • "It was easy getting "into" college; fall semester was easy to get into." 
  • "It is a helpful way to transition into college slowly. It also keeps students focused on their work and achieving success. The friendships!"
  • "The support system, bonding with friends before school officially started."
  • "How much they care." 
  • "The sense of monitoring a student's growth both academically and emotionally." 
  • "The teachers; I like all of my GSD teachers, and they help me out whenever I need it." 
  • "The best feature of the GSD is all of the help that was provided (tutors, advisors, etc.)"
  • "Meeting new people, the time to adjust to college by coming in the summer." 
  • "Meeting people and understanding how things work on campus earlier than other freshmen." 
  • "Getting a head start in the summer and getting the help you need during the year." 
  • "The extra help we received and the leg up on the rest of my freshman class." 
  • "Getting a head start in college by meeting in the summer." 
  • "The relationships I've made, and getting ahead six credits." 
  • "Overall, the division shows us what to expect from college while smoothing the transition from high school."
  • "The way the division prepared me for the fall/spring semesters." 
  • "The support from the teachers and faculty." 
  • "Free tutoring, easy appointments to make." 
  • "Good program!"

Summer 2012 Testimonials

  • "I think the summer start was the best because it made us made our mistakes and have a head start in the fall." 
  • "The English class and the other classes in the summer that prepared me for college." 
  • "The friends you make and all the closeness you get over the summer." 
  • "As a student, once I was able to get past the idea of school in the summer, I was able to realize that the GSD has our best interests in mind. So the compassion for us was probably the best." 
  • "I really liked the support through tutoring." 
  • "Meeting so many friends right away and being prepared for the fall." 
  • "How helpful everyone in the faculty is and how they make sure you're always on top of things." 
  • "I enjoyed the work load in the summer; made fall seem easier." 
  • "I met new people and got a head start in school."
  • "The way that they help you when you are having trouble in class." 
  • "The support structure rom the faculty."
  • "The best features for me were the features that made the GSD feel personal." 
  • "The security, the helpful transition to fall." 
  • "I really liked the advantage I had to know the campus before the fall'
  • "The support group behind the students." 
  • "The summer program."
  • "The close guidance of the program through difficult parts of college." 
  • "The ability to get early credits before the fall." 
  • "The summer session helped me get a head start on my Core classes." 
  • "Activities as a group."
  • "Getting core classes out of the way in the summer, also a low credit load in fall to help transition." 
  • "How much they care and help the students with the division." 
  • "Helpful plan to fall back on."
  • "The friends that I made in the summer, I was relaxed going into the fall semester knowing other people in my classes." 
  • "The individual treatment in class."
  • "The chance for early admission"
  • "Students get used to college so they are not overwhelmed (3)"
  • "The experience of the Wesley Center"
  • "Tutoring over the course of the year (3)"
  • "Meeting new people (2)"
  • "The 6 credits in the summer"
  • "The help we get (3)"
  • "Getting prepared for what is to come when the new year begins"
  • "Scheduling classes early and having security"
  • "Meeting everyone over the summer is nice"
  • "The sense of community and belonging"
  • "Being able to fully assist the students"
  • "Meeting other students and the early start"
  • "The Spiritan Division helps us through everything and makes it hard to fail"
  • "Gave me a great head start"
  • "Helped me prepare for future classes"
  • "Being able to work with kids and help them"
  • "Easier transition into college"
  • "Getting used to campus and getting to know people"
  • "The extra support and help you receive (3)"
  • "Tutoring & Division teachers." 
  • "Knowing that GSD will back you up if you're having trouble in classes."
  • "Knowing what to expect."
  • "The summer, by preparing me for college."
  • "The help with classes or any other problems you may have."
  • "Classes, the frequent meetings to check progress."
  • "Meeting new people, staff who care and being ahead of incoming freshmen."