Student Testimonials

Here's what our students and parent have to say about services they receive here at the GSD:

Summer 2018 Student Testimonials

"GSD is like a safety net, the majority of the staff are kind and caring. Also really liked the summer program."

"All of the extra help. It helped me to adjust to college in a way that I never could have done without it." 

"The beast feature is the help we receive from the division." 

"Meetings with the advisor and the Assistance"

"Gives students an opportunity to transition into college more smoothly than most." 

"Close-knit community and very strong friendships."

"It was easy getting "into" college; fall semester was easy to get into." 

"It is a helpful way to transition into college slowly. It also keeps students focused on their work and achieving success. The friendships!"

"The support system, bonding with friends before school officially started."

"How much they care." 

"The sense of monitoring a student's growth both academically and emotionally." 

"The teachers; I like all of my GSD teachers, and they help me out whenever I need it." 

"The best feature of the GSD is all of the help that was provided (tutors, advisors, etc.)"

"Meeting new people, the time to adjust to college by coming in the summer." 

"Meeting people and understanding how things work on campus earlier than other freshmen." 

"Getting a head start in the summer and getting the help you need during the year." 

"The extra help we received and the leg up on the rest of my freshman class." 

"Getting a head start in college by meeting in the summer." 

"The relationships I've made, and getting ahead six credits." 

"Overall, the division shows us what to expect from college while smoothing the transition from high school."

"The way the division prepared me for the fall/spring semesters." 

"The support from the teachers and faculty." 

"Free tutoring, easy appointments to make." 

"Good program!"

Summer 2018 Parent Testimonials

"Great Program. Very good orientation, thank you."

"The staff was very friendly and helpful."

"Thank you for all your support."

"Thank you very much for mentoring/advising my son. I feel this will help him tremendously in the next 4 years! Thank You!"

"Everything about this program is so wonderful. Dr. Griggs is amazing and her vision for the program is brilliant and I am so grateful that my daughter had this opportunity. Thank you!"

"Was very happy with the orientation process. Very helpful staff. My son seemed very at home and comfortable."

"Faculty support is amazing"

"The overview and panel at orientation were very helpful. It really eased my mind."