Pre-Law Program

Duquesne University's exciting new Pre-Law Center is housed in the School of Law and is offered in cooperation with the multiple undergraduate schools and departments within the University. It supports undergraduates in all disciplines who are exploring cutting-edge subjects that will prepare them for law school, graduate public policy and foreign affairs programs, political careers, and public service opportunities in and out of government.

Duquesne University offers the following advantages to its undergraduate students who are contemplating professional legal studies:

  • Upon application, a 3 + 3 program for exceptional students seeking to complete their undergraduate studies in three years so as to begin Duquesne's Law School in their fourth year.
  • Expedited consideration for admission to Duquesne's Law School, which is defined as a four-week turnaround from the date the completed application is submitted, for students who successfully complete the Pre-Law Certificate with a 3.0 or above:
  • Students who complete the Pre-Law Certificate, with a 3.0 GPA or above will receive an automatic $5,000 scholarship upon enrollment in Duquesne's Law School. The $5,000 scholarship is in addition to, and does not preclude consideration for, any other scholarship for which the student may qualify.