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Recommended Courses

Law schools accept qualified undergraduates from any major.
The following courses may be helpful for LSAT and law school preparation.

ART HISTORY 112: History of Art: Renaissance to Modern World
ART HISTORY 332: Art of the Twentieth Century

CLASSICS: Two years of a foreign language

COMMUNICATION 102: Public Speaking
COMMUNICATION 304: Persuasion
COMMUNICATION 407/507: Intercultural Communication

ENGLISH 106: American Literature Survey II - After 1865
ENGLISH 203: Advanced Writing
ENGLISH 210: Readings in Western Literature I

HISTORY 203: History of the United States to 1877
HISTORY 204: History of the United States since 1877
HISTORY 213: Western Civilization I
HISTORY 214: Western Civilization II

HISTORY 340: History of Western Law
HISTORY 360: Constitutional History of the United States

PHILOSOPHY 106: Introduction to Logic
PHILOSOPHY 116: Environmental Ethics
PHILOSOPHY 207: Philosophy of Animals
PHILOSOPHY 212: Political Philosophy
PHILOSOPHY 260: Philosophy of Law
PHILOSOPHY 255: Philosophy of Technology
PHILOSOPHY 463: Problems in Ethics
PHILOSOPHY 469: Critical Race Theory
PHILOSOPHY 493: Marxism and Critical Theory

POLITICAL SCIENCE: Minor in Law & Politics open to students in all majors
POLITICAL SCIENCE: Concentration in Law & Politics for political science majors/double-majors
POLITICAL SCIENCE 105: American National Government
POLITICAL SCIENCE 208: Politics of Great Powers
POLITICAL SCIENCE 209: Politics of Emerging Powers
POLITICAL SCIENCE 245: International Relations
POLITICAL SCIENCE 317: Western Political Thought I
POLITICAL SCIENCE 318: Western Political Thought II
POLITICAL SCIENCE 326W: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
POLITICAL SCIENCE 327W: Constitutional Law and Politics: The Powers of Government
POLITICAL SCIENCE 385: International Law and Organization

PSYCHOLOGY 103: Introduction to Psychology
PSYCHOLOGY 340: Social Psychology

SOCIOLOGY 101: Survey of Sociology
SOCIOLOGY 103: Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOCIOLOGY 106: Social Problems and Social Policy
SOCIOLOGY 208: Racial and Ethnic Groups
SOCIOLOGY 213: Criminology
SOCIOLOGY 264: Police and Society