Let us help you reach YOUR goal of becoming a physician, dentist, veterinarian, or other health care professional...

The Duquesne Pre-Medical and Health Professions Programs (PMHPP) assist both undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in becoming the most competitive applicants possible - helping you to navigate the pre-requisite requirements, multi-tiered admission processes, while also giving you opportunities to learn basic medical skills and identify important experiences to prepare you for your future.

Each year, the number of applications for medical and health professional schools grows exponentially, while the acceptance rates remain consistent, so it's important to take advantage of opportunities that make that process easier - and the PMHPP can help you do that. Competition for admission to professional school is always very intense, but in 2021, the volume of applications to medical and other health professional schools was higher than it has ever been before. Here's an idea of the competition that you will be facing based upon 2021 data.

  • 53,030 applicants for allopathic (MD) medical school with only 41.9% of applicants accepted to MD school,
  • 30,308 for osteopathic (DO) medical school (acceptance rate 27.3%),
  • 10,965 applicants for dental school in the United States (acceptance rate 57.1%),
  • 27,283 applicants for post-baccalaureate (PB) physician assistant school (41.4% accepted),
  • 8,152 applicants for veterinary medical school (acceptance rate 45.6%), and
  • 1,006 applicants for podiatry school (67.5% accepted).

Not only are there more applicants for admission to medical and other professional schools, but the quality of those applicants also continues to increase. We encourage you to become a part of Duquesne's legacy of success in medicine and health care and enroll in the PMHPP to help you successfully navigate your path to a career in medicine.

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