Career Changer Pathway

The Career Changer Pathway is designed for students who have little to none of the pre-requisite coursework required for admission to medical or professional school. Typically, students admitted to this pathway come from diverse career backgrounds and life experiences. The length of study in this pathway typically takes two years plus one summer, depending on individual student needs. Career Changer applicants who would like the option to begin the PB-PMHPP during the summer are encouraged to have their completed application to the PB-PMHPP no later than February 1.

The curricula for Career Changer students are uniquely designed to meet the basic requirements of medical or professional schools as was listed on the main curriculum page.  This pathway also is structured to prepare applicants for the standardized admissions test for their area of interest. It should be noted that students will be required to research the medical or professional schools they intend to apply to so they are aware of any additional program requirements.

The Duquesne PB-PMHPP application cycle opens November 1, and applications should be received by April 1st, although by Februry 1st is highy recommended.  However, complete applications may be considered for review at the discretion of the PB-PMHPP based upon space availability in the program until June 1st.  The PB-PMHPP cannot guarantee course availability for applicants who apply after April 1st. Students are HIGHLY encouraged to apply as soon as possible There is no spring admission cycle, and only complete applications will be considered for admission by the required deadline.