Post-Baccalaureate Advising

Advising and Support

 While rigorous and challenging, the atmosphere for the PB-PMHPP students at Duquesne University is supportive and positive. This is a small and intimate program, with approximately 7-10 students/class and a total PB-PMHPP enrollment/year varying annually between 15-25 students. In addition to getting to know their classmates well, the PB-PMHPP students also often develop very close relationships with the PMHPP staff and faculty. These positive relationships not only facilitate the quality of the individualized advisement, personalized curricular planning, counseling, and support that our students receive, but also assists the PMHPP in helping each student find his or her "best fit" for graduate medical and health professional education.

 The PB-PMHPP advisors assist students in identifying strengths and weaknesses in their professional preparation and experiences and provide guidance and evidence-based recommendations to help the students identify and secure appropriate opportunities to improve their professional portfolios. PB-PMHPP students are expected to be actively engaged in their own development and preparation, and it is the responsibility of the students to identify professional schools they hope to apply to and become knowledgeable of the unique requirements of those schools. This information is shared with the PB-PMHPP advisors, so that they may better assist the students in their preparations and application/admission processes. Photo of two students during advisement 

Only students enrolled in the PB-PMHPP Certificate Program will receive this enhanced advisement and support including, but not limited to professional school application preparation and admission assistance for up to 3 years following completion of the program. Certificate students applying to medical and dental schools who meet the Duquesne eligibility requirements will be granted a Duquesne University endorsement/committee letter. Non-Certificate PB-PMHPP students will be assisted with the application submission process, but will not be eligible for the Duquesne University endorsement/committee letter nor services beyond the time of enrollment in the PB-PMHPP.