Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I took classes at several universities.  Do you need every transcript?

Yes, the PB-PMHPP needs transcripts for every college level course you have taken, including study abroad courses and/or college in high school course work.  The transcripts must be official, and arrive via mail in a sealed envelope or preferably sent electronically directly from your institution's Registrar to

2.  What are your requirements?

The PB-PMHPP requirements are listed here Please pay close attention to the deadline.  We highly recommend not waiting until the last minute to apply.   Once your file is reviewed, you will be notified whether or not you have been selected to interview.  If you are selected, you will have a one-on-one interview with the PMHPP Directors, who will evaluate you on your passion and knowledge for your intended area of interest and specific fit for our program.  They also will discuss your tentative curriculum, master's options, and program expectations, if accepted. This is a competive interview process. 

3.   What are my chances of being accepted?

Each applicant's completed file is individually reviewed.  We are not able to tell you over the phone or in an email what your chances are of getting into the program, so please do not ask.  The program is quite competitive; Therefore, not only do we encourage early application, but we also encourage all candidates to clearly articulate their goals and desires in the required personal statement (in the supplemental materials) and become familiar with the information available for prospecitve students on the appropriate web pages (eg. AAMC or PAEA).

4.   What classes will I take?

Each student’s curricular plan is designed uniquely and with consideration of the classes that were taken as an undergraduate.  If selected to interview, your curriculum options will be discussed at that time to give you a general idea of your curricular plan, if accepted.  Please see the curriculum page for more information.

5.   How long is the program?

Typically, for a career changer pathway applicant, it is two years and most likely will include a summer term.  For the enhancement pathway, it is typically one year.  Timeline's depend upon the classes needed by the individual student.  Career changer applicants are encouraged to apply by February 1st if they would like the option to start in the summer of the year of application.

6.  I retook a class.  Do I have to enter both grades on my math/science GPA worksheet?

Yes.  All attempts must be calculated into your GPA as this is the system used by the centralized application services.

7.  Is there financial aid available?

Financial aid is available in the form of loans.  No scholarships or grants are available.  Students should work closely with the university financial aid office to determine their eligibility.

8.  Do you offer MCAT/DAT prep?

The PB-PMHPP does not have specific MCAT prep classes in the program.  We know that our science courses at the university contain all of the required content for the MCAT/DAT exams.  Students can opt to take an MCAT prep class from an outside agency.  Numerous options are available in the downtown area, including classes held on Duquesne's campus.  We also have a PMHPP library with numerous prep materials that can be checked out for free.

9.   Where do students typically live?

Students do have the option of living in the Living and Learning Centers, if space is available.  The student should contact Residence Life directly to inquire about this.  Most students choose to live off campus in the surrounding areas,  such as South Side, North Oakland, Shadyside, and Mount Washington.

10.  I took science classes 10 years ago.  Do I have to retake them?

Yes, any course over 6 years should be repeated. 

11.  Is the MCAT, DAT or GRE required to apply?

No, these are neither required nor encouraged.  The purpose of the PB-PMHPP is to prepare you for these exams; therefore, they should not be taken before completing the program. However, if you took them for a previous medical or professional school application, you are required to submit them as part of your application.

12.  Do I have to wait to graduate from my undergraduate university to apply to the PB-PMHPP?

No, you can apply with your current transcripts.  If accepted, you will be required to submit your final official transcript.

13.  Can any undergraduate major apply?

Yes, any undergraduate major can apply to the PB-PMHPP.

14.  Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to submit an application.