Recent PB-PMHPP Medical and Professional School Placements

The average class size for the Post-Baccalaureate PMHPP (PB-PMHPP) over the past five years is approximately seven students/year, with approximately half of those students seeking the post-baccalaureate certificate as enhancement students. The total number of schools that the PB-PMHPP students have been accepted to also has been small but within or above the national placement rates. Below are the names of the universities to which our PB-PMHPP students have been accepted between 2016-2021.

Dental School Acceptances

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine, Temple University, University of Buffalo, University of Pittsburgh, Western University of Health Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, Rutgers University, AT Still University, Virginia Commonwealth University

Medical School Acceptances

Allopathic Medicine (MD): Geisinger/Commonwealth SOM, Penn State University, Ross University, St. George University, Temple University, University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University, Howard University, Rutgers University, University of South Carolina, Virginia Commonwealth University, Uniformed Services University

Osteopathic Medicine (DO): Campbell University, Lake Erie COM (all campuses), Philadelphia COM, Touro College (California), University of New England COM, Virginia COM, West Virginia COM, University of Idaho COM

Physician Assistant School Acceptances

University of Dayton, Lock Haven University, University of Charleston