Student Testimonials

"I found the PB-PMHPP after completing my undergraduate degree. The program helped me to become a well-rounded applicant and gave me the chance to complete my pre-medical requirements. The Post-Baccalaureate Program is catered to your individual needs before, during, and after the application process. Taking advantage of mock interviews allowed me to build confidence and put my best foot forward when presenting myself to schools. Additionally, I had the opportunity to complete a Master's in Healthcare Ethics at Duquesne University. Since Duquesne is located right next door to UPMC Mercy, I found many opportunities for volunteering, shadowing, and clinical exposure. I am grateful to the faculty and staff that helped me reach my goal."

Erin Hedglen, PB Certificate Graduate May 2018, MA in Health Care Ethics May 2019 - Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Medical Student, Maryland

"The main reason why I chose Duquesne University's PB-PMHPP Enhancement Pathway was because of how relatable and understanding the staff  were. They were able to tailor a curriculum around my life and provided all the resources I needed to succeed. Whenever there were any doubts, I knew my advisors were within reach and I could rely on them since they always had my best interest at heart. The campus scenery is state-of-the-art, the location is convenient, and the faculty members of Duquesne are iconic. If you're looking for a program that will go beyond the statistics, look no further than the PB-PMHPP."

Felipe Crespo, PB Certificate Graduate May 2021, Degree Candidate for MS Biotechnology May 2022

"The PB-PMHPP program has been beyond helpful in the preparation of applying to dental school. I am so thankful for the staff that works tirelessly to help their students accomplish dreams of getting into professional programs. Their honesty and experience is unmatched! The application process can be difficult at times but with the help of the application assistance site that is tailored to each student, deadlines are met in a timely fashion. The program helped me fulfill the rest of my requirements to get into dental school, opened up opportunities for research with professors and so much more! The time I spent in the program not only enhanced my application but also taught me so much about what it takes to standout in a very competitive process, and for that I am truly grateful."

Zachary Verner, PB Certificate Graduate May 2020-ATSU AZ School of Dentistry and Oral Health

"I chose to enroll in Duquesne University's PB-PMHPP Enhancement Pathway shortly after earning my undergraduate degree to compliment my health sciences background and enhance my ability to become a qualified health professional. The guidance throughout the application process that my advisors continually offered me was one the most helpful features of the program. The individualized timeline that the program provides kept me on track with important deadlines and my goals. Recognizing and improving weak areas in my education and experience would have been an overwhelming task if not for the accountability and organization of the program. With my advisors personalized counseling and encouragement, I was able to successfully submit a complete and competitive physician assistant program application."

Danielle Jungo, PB Certificate Graduate May 2017 - University of Dayton's Physician Assistant Practice Program

"The PB-PMHPP program helped me immensely towards a career in medicine. As a career enhancer student, I greatly appreciated the attention to detail towards my individual strengths and weakness as an applicant. The facility offers multiple opportunities and resources to help build the strongest pre-medical resume possible. In addition, they gave me crucial feedback toward the interviewing process and offered an abundance of MCAT preparatory materials. Lastly, the honesty and patience the faculty showcased will be treasured always."

Kenneth Hall, PB Certificate Graduate, December 2017, MS in Biotechnology, May 2018

"I enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate program in the Career Changer track, after working for a number of years post-graduation. The most valuable aspect of the program for me has been the structure and guidance through the medical school application process. The program has helped me to identify strengths and weaknesses in my background, and my advisers have recommended areas where I should focus to improve my application. Compiling my application on my own would be very difficult, and I am sure that I would miss important deadlines or data. The timeline and practical assistance throughout the application process has been invaluable."

Bridget Rafferty, PB Certificate Graduate, May 2016 - Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine

"I'm so glad I decided to finish my required courses through the PB-PMHPP. The program faculty are wonderful and are even helping me prepare for my upcoming interviews. The ability to personalize my schedule, incorporate graduate level courses, and get one-on-one advising made all the difference for my application process."

Sarah Minney, PB Certificate Graduate, May 2015 - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 

"The program helped me plan out everything I needed to apply for medical school. The individual attention and support I received on a daily basis is what makes this program stand out.  This program exceeded my expectations. From day one the entire staff knew my name and was able to use their extensive experience to make me the best applicant possible for medical school.  Being a nontraditional student is intimidating, but through this program I was able to meet other students in similar circumstances, get advice tailored to my unique situation, and recieve help accessing the many resources I wouldn't have known were available to me otherwise."

Neal McQuaid, PB Certificate Graduate, May 2015 - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine