Applying to Medical, Dental or other Health Professional School

The practice of medicine, regardless of discipline, requires exceptional knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes.  A component of almost every professional school application is that the student is able to document not only academic success and exam scores, but also:

  • observation/shadowing experiences,
  • volunteer experiences, and
  • employment and research experiences.

While each discipline and program varies on which of these activities bears the greatest importance, all admissions committees will be considering your submission of these types of experiences as part of the application process.  This is why every application and/or interview required during the application process requires students to not only relate those experiences or opportunties, but also describe specifically what was learned or the value of those experiences in preparing the student to be qualified to enter professional school.

Gaining admission to a medical, dental or other health professional school is dependent on a variety of factors, unique to each disciplined and institution, that generally include meeting or exceeding the following standard criteria:

  • QPA/GPA (Overall, Math/Science, Science and "other" coursework)
  • Types and levels of courses taken, as well as couse withdrawals and repeats
  • Professional exam scores and relatioship to expected rankings
  • Activities, shadowing, volunteer, and work experience
  • Scholarly activities and research involvement
  • Letters of recommendation/evaluation and relationship of those evaluators to the applicant
  • Ability of applicant to articulate and communicate in both written and oral situations
  • How the student's goal/aspirations match the school/prorgram's mission
  • Demonstration of both intra and interpersonal skills and abilities