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What Will I Gain Through the PMHPP?

Post-Secondary Certificate in Pre-Medical and Health Professions

The Undergraduate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (UG-PMHPP) at Duquesne University will award PMHPP students with the Post-Secondary Certificate in Pre-Medical and Health Professions if you earned a minimum of 15 credit hours of PMHPP-approved pre-medical/health professional coursework in math, science, and/or psychology/sociology and passed all required PMHPP courses. Only courses earned with a grade of "C" or better or a "P" in the PMHPP courses will be counted toward the PMHP Certificate. To be eligible for the Certificate, you must......

  • Meet all PMHPP professional expectations, behavior, and academic retention standards, and
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA
  • No grade lower than "C" in any course
  • 3.0 Cumulative Math/Science GPA
  • 3.0 Cumulative Science GPA 
  • Passing Grade in all PMHP courses
  • Continual progress to acquire professional pre-requisites

PMHPP student professional expectations, behavior, and academic retention standards are described on pages 14-24 of the 2017-2018 PMHPP Handbook which is accessible to all PMHPP students on the Community Blackboard site.

PMHPP Certificate will be listed on your Duquesne final transcript and will

  • Provide medical, dental, and other health professional schools' admission units with a way to recognize that Duquesne PMHPP students have received specialized education and training consistent with those who may earn a degree/academic major in pre-medical studies at other universities. 
  • Validate the unique intentional learning in medicine and health professional content that is not offered to any other students at the University and
  • Be one of the requirements used to determine University endorsement letter eligibility for medical and dental school applications.

We Prepare You To Stand Out

What do medical and other health professional schools look for in candidates? While application requirements are unique to each school and program, most schools seek students who are top academic performers with high overall science/math and science GPAs and high professional school admissions test scores (eg, MCAT, OAT, DAT, GRE); have extensive and relevant research as well as experiential and volunteer activities; demonstrate evidence of professional competency and behavior: and positive letters of recommendation.

We've designed the PMHPP requirements to help you meet these high standards. You'll benefit from these value-added opportunities:

  • Exceptional personalized and professional advisement, in cooperation with your major advisor
  • 7 undergraduate specialized courses, unique to Duquesne and designed to give you a "leg up" on your future medical studies. These courses incorporate the humanistic philosophy of primacy of the patient and provide you with

          -Relevant entry-level clinical skills,

          -Health/safety training required in a healthcare environment,

          -Introductions to collaborative practice, inter-professional education, and medical terminology;

          -Structured application preparation experiences, as well as

          -Instruction in basic anatomy and pathophysiology 

  • Instruction, guidance and assistance through the complex medical and health professional school application process
  • PMHPP Endorsement Letter of Recommendation for medical and dental school for those who qualify

NOTE: Undergraduate students applying to or already enrolled in Duquesne's Pharmacy, Nursing, or Physician Assistant academic major programs are not eligible for the PMHPP to pursue these careers, because they already receive the specialized advisement and preparation services for those careers through their respective programs. Should they wish to pursue medical/health professional careers other than their major program careers, they then may apply to the PMHPP to get the additional assistance to pursue those alternate paths.