Undergraduate Secondary Admission Process

Undergraduate students who were not previously admitted to the Undergraduate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (UG-PMHPP) as entering freshmen may apply and be admitted to the program through the secondary admission process.

Admission Qualifications for Current DU Undergraduate Students and Transfers:

  • Minimum Science and Math/Science GPA ≥ 3.25,
  • Minimum Cumulative (Overall) GPA ≥ 3.25,
  • No grade lower than a "C" in any science, math or psychology/social science course,
  • At least one science course (completed or in progress) at the time of application,
  • Be in good standing at the University and within their respective School,
  • Successful interview with the PMHPP if applicable

Transfer students and currently enrolled Duquesne upperclassman applicants are required to successfully complete an interview with the PMHPP during the semester of application before admission into the UG-PMHPP is granted; freshman applicants are not required to have an UG-PMHPP interview.

NOTE: Students must report all applicable grades and GPAs from all institutions where courses have been completed or are in progress.

How do I apply?

Please complete the following application materials by each term's deadline, and submit via email attachments to pmhppFREEDUQUESNE. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Deadlines for Secondary Admission applications:

  • December 1st (For spring admission)
  • May 1st (For summer admission)
  • August 1st (For fall admission); however, final admission decisions are not made until after all transcripts from all colleges/universities attended are received.

Final grades will be confirmed via an official University transcript from all schools where college coursework was completed. Students accepted into the UG-PMHPP Post-Secondary Certificate Program through this secondary admission process are eligible for all of the same services and opportunities as are those admitted through the regular freshman admission process. Admission Qualifications for Transfer and Current DU Undergraduate Students:

Non-PMHPP students who wish to receive introductory guidance with a PMHPP advisor on the best ways to proceed with their intended plans for medical, dental or other health professional careers on their own may schedule a brief appointment. PMHPP advisors, however, cannot provide extended advisement services to non-PMHPP students.

Any secondary admission student who needs less than 15 credits of math, science, or psychology/sociology coursework at the time of acceptance to the UG-PMHPP is eligible to enroll and receive some UG-PMHPP services; however, they are not eligible for the UG-PMHPP Post-Secondary Certificate or a PMHPP Letter of Endorsement.

Transfer Students to the University

The UG-PMHPP only accepts transfer students who have been formally accepted to an academic major program at the University. Once accepted, transfer students may then apply through the secondary admission process. Any deficient coursework may be required to be repeated while enrolled at Duquesne, because academic performance at all colleges/universities attended will be considered by the medical, dental, or other health professional schools to which students apply.