Dr. Anna Floerke Scheid

Anna Floerke Scheid

Associate Professor
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Department of Theology

Fisher Hall 623
Phone: 412.396.6532


Ph.D., Theology, Boston College, 2009
M.A., Theology, Catholic Theological Union, 2004
B.S.S.P., Theatre, Northwestern University, 1999
Dr. Scheid's research interests are in the area of Christian social ethics.  In particular she is concerned with ethical issues surrounding human rights, conflict, and post-conflict reconciliation.  She explores Christian perspectives on war and peace-especially just war theory and just peacemaking theory-and studies how restorative justice has been enacted in truth and reconciliation commissions around the world.

UCOR 142      Theological Views of the Human Person

UCOR 182      Theological Ethics

THEO 261      Christian Social Ethics: Poverty, Race, Gender, Ecology, and Conflict

THEO 543      Catholic Social

THEO 694      Doctoral Seminar in Moral Theology (Resolving Conflict, Restoring Justice: Christian Perspectives on War, Peace, and Reconciliation


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"An Authority over Globalization? Critical Considerations," Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology 24 (2012): 61-73;

"Interpersonal and Social Reconciliation: Finding Congruence in African Theological Anthropology," Horizons 39 (2012).

"Under the Palaver Tree: Community Ethics for Truth-Telling and  Reconciliation," Journal for the Society of Christian Ethics 31 (2011): 17-36.


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