Antonio Lordi

Adjunct Professor
School of Law

School of Law offices, Hanley Hall
Phone: 412.396.6300


Ph.D. in Economics and Private law (Diritto Privato dell’Economia) at the University of Napoli, Federico II, Italy

Professor Antonio Lordi's, Dott., Avv., Ph.D. and F.A.P. (Foreign Attorney Program) areas of expertise and interest include international business transactions, international trade law, European Union law (private and public), comparative law, civil law, and Roman law.

He is the author of two law books and several legal articles. A list of books and articles is available on bepress. His most recent article on back-to-back or flow-down contracts is included in US-Rechtspraxis Praxishandbuch Zivilrecht und Öffentliches Recht edited by prof. Kirk Junker and published in Germany by De Gruyter. 

Professor Lordi's current research interests are especially in the area of global contract law and poverty. His goal is to research and select general/global principle of contract law that are known, valid and enforceable worldwide and build a theory of global contract law, which will make easier global trade and bring goods and services at reasonable/affordable prices worldwide.


International Business Transactions

FALL 2019