Antonio Lordi

Adjunct Professor
School of Law

School of Law offices, Hanley Hall
Phone: 412.396.6300


Ph.D. in Economics and Private law (Diritto Privato dell’Economia) at the University of Napoli, Federico II, Italy

Professor Antonio Lordi's, Dott., Avv., Ph.D. and F.A.P. (Foreign Attorney Program) areas of expertise and interest include construction contracts, international business transactions, international trade law and comparative law.

He is the author of two law books and several legal articles: Globalized World and Separation of Powers: A New Role for the Independent Administrative Authorities, 47, Duquesne Law Review, 939-946 (2009); The Attorney-Client Privilege in the European Union and Italy: Time for a Change, 11, Duquesne Business Law Journal, 47-60 (2008); Tradition and Europeanization in Italian Law: The New Path of European Law. A Review to a recent book of Professor Guido Alpa, European Business Law Review 17-6 (2006); The Italian Construction Contract: A Contribution to the European Construction Law 24 Journal of Law & Commerce (2004); Towards a Common Methodology in Contract law, 22 Journal of Law & Commerce (2002).

His most recent article on back-to-back or flow-down contracts is included in US-Rechtspraxis Praxishandbuch Zivilrecht und Öffentliches Recht edited by prof. Kirk Junker, published in Germany by De Gruyter and also published in US Law for Civil Lawyers, A Practitioner's Guide, Nomos 2021.


International Business Transactions

FALL 2019