Bonnie Morris, Ph.D.

Bonnie Morris

KPMG Faculty Fellow in Accounting, Associate Professor of Accounting
Palumbo-Donahue School of Business

474 Rockwell Hall
Phone: 412.396.4313



Bonnie Morris is an Associate Professor of Accounting in the School of Business. Professor Morris teaches courses in Accounting Information Systems and IT Auditing.

Prior to joining Duquesne University, Professor Morris was the GoMart Professor of Accounting Information Systems at West Virginia University. She is a graduate of the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh.

Professor Morris is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting.


Articles in Journals

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Articles in Proceedings

Yurko, A., Cheng, C., & Morris, M. (2019). The Marriage Tax Penalty and Johnson v. U.S.: TIme for a New Challenge. AAA Journal of Legal Tax Research Conference.

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Paper Presentations

Yurko, A., Cheng, C., & Morris, M. (2019). The Marriage Tax Penalty and Johnson v. U.S.: Time for a New Challenge. AAA Journal of Legal Tax Research Conference, Washington, District of Columbia.

Morris, B. W., Shaw, G. S., Tanner, C. D., & Trapp, G. (2007, November). Continuous Compliance Assurance for Trusted Information Sharing: A Research Framework. Fourteenth World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium, Newark, New Jersey.  

Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements

Fairbank, J., Morris, B., & Spangler, W. (2019). Educating Business Students For The Age Of Intelligent Machines: A Framework For On-Line Ai-Enabled Learning. Management and Business Education in the time of Artificial Intelligence.

Morris, B., Santucci, J. M., Cervone, D. P., Neidermeyer, P., & Fleming, S. (2010). "Accounting in the Clouds: How Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, and SaaS are impacting the Accounting Profession." In Tracy Tuten (Ed.), Enterprise 2.0: How Technology, eCommerce, and Web 2.0 Are Transforming Business Virtually (vol. 1). Greenwich. CT: Greenwood Publishing.


Research: 2018: Morris, B. W. Wojeski Research Grant, Principal Investigator. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, industrial Internet of things, and blockchain are disrupting the way organizations function. For public accounting firms, disruptive technologies affect processes and risks at client organizations as well as those of the profession firms.  The research question is: How are public accounting firms managing disruptive technologies?

Research Interests

Professor Morris' research focuses on the use of information systems to support audit practice and education, the adoption of emerging technologies in accounting, and fraud and forensic accounting. She has received numerous externally funded grants related to continuous policy compliance monitoring and assurance. Currently, she is also exploring the use of agent based models to explore the interaction of social contagion and stages of moral development.