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Daniel Burston

Associate Professor
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

214 Rockwell Hall
Phone: 412.396.6514


Ph.D., Psychology, York University, 1989
Ph.D., Social & Political Thought, York University, 1985

Born in Israel, and educated in Toronto, Daniel Burston started teaching at Duquesne in 1992, and chaired the department from 2006-2012. He is married, with two children.


Daniel Burston's research interests reside primarily in the history of the mental health disciplines, with special emphasis on those areas where they dovetail with with philosophy, theology and politics.

Recent Publications

A Forgotten Freudian: The Passion of Karl Stern, (Karnac, 2016)

The Legacy of Erich Fromm (Harvard University Press, 1991)

The Wing of Madness: The Life and Work of R.D.Laing (Harvard University Press, 1996)

The Crucible of Experience (Harvard University Press, 2000)

Ego, Ethics and Evolution: Erik Erikson and the American Psyche (Jason Aronson, 2007)

co-author, with Roger Frie of Psychotherapy as a Human Science (Duquesne University Press, 2006).

His books have been reviewed in: The New York Times Book Review, The New York Review of Books, The Boston Sunday Globe, The Boston Book Review, The New Republic, The Washington Times, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Guardian, The Economist, The New Statesman, The New Scientist, The Financial Times, The Globe and Mail, The Jerusalem Post, Library Journal, MacGill's Literary Journal, The Journal of the History of the Human Sciences, Radical Philosophy, The Australian Journal of Psychotherapy, The Canadian Journal of Psychology and the Canadian Journal of Sociology, and the Journal of Feminist Family Therapy.

Other Recent Publications

Burston, D. (2015). Cyborgs, zombies and planetary death: Alienation in the 21st century. Humanistic Psychologist, 42(3). doi: 10.1080/08873267.2014.928175

Burston, D. (2014). Our imperiled age: An unfinished dialogue between Carl Jung and Karl Stern. International Journal of Jungian Studies, 6(3). doi: 10.1080/19409052.2014.923779

Burston, D. (2014). Alienation. In T. Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 76-82). New York: Springer. 

Burston, D. (2014). Anti-psychiatry. In T. Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 109-115). New York: Springer.

Burston, D. (2014). Anti-Semitism. In T. Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 115-120). New York: Springer.

Burston, D. (2014). Humanism. In T. Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 915-918). New York: Springer.

Burston, D. (2014). Zionism. In T. Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 2093-2098). New York: Springer.

Burston, D. (2012). Psychoanalysis and psychiatry in the 21st century: Historical reflections. The Psychoanalytic Review, 99(1), 63-80.

Burston, D. 2011. Souvenirs sur Paul Roazen. Paul Roazen: un historien de la psychanalyse. Le Coq-Heron, 207 (Paris: December), 14-21.

Burston, D. (2011). Psychoanalysis, psychiatry and bipolar disorder in the 21st Century. The Letter: Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis, 46, 3-11.

Burston, D. (2010). Authority, effectiveness and teaching in the postmodern university. Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 17(2), 12-24.

Burston, D. (2010). Pediatric bipolar disorder: Myths, realities and consequences. Journal for the History and Philosophy of Psychology, 12(2), 1-10.

Burston, D. (2009). Faith, Hope and R.D.Laing, The Psychotherapist, www.ukcp.org.uk, pp. 12-14.

Burston, D. (2009). Reciprocidad, Reconocimento y la Politica De Diagnostic En R.D. Laing. Entre-Nos: Ensayos sobre Reconocimiento e Intersubjectividad, ed. Muller, F & Plot, M., Buenos Aires: Teseo.

Burston, D. 2009. Szasz, Laing and antipsychiatry - again. Existential Analysis, 10 (1)

Other scholarly work
Recent Interview

This video segment will be presented at the Oxford University Workshop on Émigré Physicians and Neuroscientists, Aug 27-30, 2015. 

Username: Karl Stern
Password: Sternerstuff


Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Psychology as a Human Science, PSYC 203

Special Topics: Anti-Semitism, PSYC 270

Graduate Courses

Intro to Psychology as a Human Science, PSYC 537

Emotion, Cognition, and Motivation, PSYC 637


Since 1986, Burston has been an invited and/or keynote speaker at:

  • St. Elizabeth's Hospital (NYC)
  • The Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City)
  • The Mexican Institute of Psychoanalysis (Mexico City)
  • The Erich Fromm Society (Tubingen/Munich)
  • The William Alanson White Institute (NYC)
  • The Philadelphia Association (London)
  • The Washington School of Psychiatry (Washington, D.C.)
  • The Royal College of Psychiatry (London)
  • The Institute for the History of Psychiatry (Cornell University Medical Center, NYC)
  • McMaster University (Hamilton, ON,)
  • Austen Riggs Treatment Center (Stockbridge, MA)
  • Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • The School of Psychotherapy, St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin.

He has also given papers at the annual conferences of Cheiron, The American Academy of Psychoanalysis, The British Psychological Society, The American Psychological Association, the Eastern Psychological Association and the International Federation for Psychoanalytic Education.