Diane Borello-France

Associate Professor
Rangos School of Health Sciences
Physical Therapy

104 Rangos
Phone: 412.396.1833


Ph.D., Developmental and Movement Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1995
M.S., Clinical Teaching in Health Related Professions, University of Pittsburgh, 1985
B.S., Physical Therapy, University of Pittsburgh, 1979
Bio and Expertise

Adult neurological rehabilitation
Urinary incontinence
Bowel dysfunction

Courses Taught

Clinical Neurologic Science I/Lab (PHYT 543)
Clinical Neurologic Science II/Lab (PHYT 544)
Clinical Neurologic Science III/Lab (PHYT 620)


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Borello-France DF, Downey PA, Zyczynski HM, Rause CR. Continence and quality of life outcomes 6 months following an intensive pelvic-floor muscle exercise program for female stress incontinence: a randomized trial comparing low-and high-frequency maintenance exercise. Phys Ther. 2008. 88(12):1545-53.

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Borello-France D, Zyczynski H, Downey P, Rause C, Wister J. The Effect of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Position on Continence and Quality of Life Outcomes in Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence. Physical Therapy. 2006;86:974-986.


University Scholar, University of Pittsburgh, 1984, 1985
Award for academic standing during pursuit of master's degree.

Doctoral Research Award, Foundation for Physical Therapy

Owerman Scholar Award, University of Pittsburgh, 1993
School of Education award for academic achievement during doctoral education.

Duquesne University, Rangos School of Health Sciences 2005 Dean's Award for Excellence in Scholarship

2006 Best Poster Award, Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers Annual Meeting, Scottsdale AZ


Principal Investigator: "The efficacy of a functionally based approach to treatment of stress incontinence". AREA Award, National Institute of Aging. Period of award: 7/1/99-6/30/05.

Co-Investigator from University of PIttsburgh Site (Halina Zyczynski, MD, Prinicipal Investigator : Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network (UITN). This multicenter clinical trials network is funded by the National Institutes of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Disorders. Period of award: 9/30/00-6/30/07.

Co-Investigator from University of Pittsburgh Site, (Halina Zyczynski MD, Prinicpal Investigator).: Clinical Trials Network for Female Pelvic Floor Disorders. This is a multicenter clinical trials network investigates female pelvic floor disorders, including pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. This study network is funded by the National Institutes of
Child Health and Human Development. Period of award: 9/01/01-6/30/05.