Fatiha Benmokhtar

Associate Professor
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Fisher Hall 306
Phone: 412.396.6353


Ph.D., Rutgers University
Magister from USTHB d'Alger/with ISN de Grenoble

I work with colleagues from other universities and laboratories from all around the world in an area called Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics. I investigate strong Quantum Chromo-Dynamics QCD (to study the structure of the proton and the neutron), nuclear structure, and physics beyond the standard model of Particle Physics. I am mainly involved in experiments at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) in Newport News Virginia www.jlab.org. Although the final experiments are carried out at TJNAF, most of the building, testing of equipment, developments of high tech electronics and data analysis is done within a university environment.

Duquesne Physics undergraduate students are deeply involved in this research, through software development and data analysis at the University and hardware work and electronics tests at Jefferson Lab or INFN laboratories in Italy.

A- Research Interest and Expertise:

1- Short Range Correlations in light nuclei (2000-Present): Spokesperson of the E08-009 Hall A experiment, aiming to measure proton momentum distribution in 4He. I am the contact person for a paper submitted for publication in PRC.

2- Parton Contributions to the Nucleon Spin (2008-Present): Spokesperson of E12-09007 experiment, aiming to measure parton distribution functions.
Analysis Coordinator of the CLAS12 RICH detector project. First RICH was built and is functional, second RICH is under construction. Lead PI in an NSF MRI grant proposal.

3- Parity Violation (2004-Present): Analysis coordinator of the G0Backward angle experiment.
-  Collaborator and co-author in the PVDIS, Qweak and the future MOLLER experiment.

B- Collaborations:
          -      Jefferson Lab Users group (2000-Present)
          -      Jefferson Lab Hall A collaboration (2000-Present)
          -      Jefferson Lab Hall C collaboration (2004-Present) (Gzero, Qweak, HKS )
          -      The MUSE collaboration at PSI. (2011-Present)
          -      EICUG: Electron Ion Collider Unser Group. (2011-Present)
          -      Jefferson Lab CLAS12 collaboration (2018-Present)

C- Funding History:

1. National Science Foundation (Pending: $571,650.00): PI: F Benmokhtar (Duquesne). Major Research Instrumentation, Consortium: Development of the RICH detector for the CLAS12 spectrometer in Hall B of Jefferson Lab. Submitted, Jan 2019.

2. National Science Foundation (Pending: $214,343.00), PI: F. Benmokhtar, "Studies of Parton Distributions using Kaons at Jefferson Lab." submitted Dec 2018.

3. National Science Foundation: Studies of Parton Distributions using Kaons at Jefferson Lab: July 15, 2016 - June 30 2019, Awarded amount $183,000.00. Sole PI: F. Benmokhtar, Duquesne University.

4. Department of Energy / Jefferson Lab: $110,437.97 (2012-2017) Software Development for a Ring Imaging Detector: PI: F. Benmokhtar. These are series of small awards ranging from $1,500.00 to $20,000.00 in support of my work and my students' work towards software development for a Ring Imaging Cerenkov (RICH) detector.

5. National Science Foundation Sub-Award: Studies of Nucleon Structure Using Electromagnetic Probes at Jefferson Laboratory: (05/01/2013-05/31/2015), amount $43,793.44. PI F. Benmokhtar, Duquesne University.

6. National Science Foundation: Studies of Nucleon Structure using Electromagnetic Probes at Jefferson Laboratory: (06/01/2012-05/31/2015), amount $555,000.00. E. Brash, F. Benmokhtar (Co-PI), D. Heddle. Christopher Newport University. My share in this grant is: $140,000.00. I proposed to work on the study of partonic distributions using Kaons at Jefferson lab as well as analysis of 4He experiment, and Qweak.

7. Faculty Development Fund, Duquesne University: (2016) "Study of the Proton Radius at the Paul Scherrer Institute", amount: $9,968.00.


A full list of publications can be found at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fatiha_Benmokhtar/

Selected recent publications:

1. The large-area hybrid-optics CLAS12 RICH: Assembling, commissioning and first data-taking. Nuclear Instruments and Methods. F. Benmokhtar with the CLAS12 RICH collaboration (2019). doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2019.01.070

2. Probing the Strange Sea Quarks with kaon SIDIS. F. Benmokhtar. Conf. Proceedings, CIPANP (2018) arXiv:1810.01002 [nucl-ex].

3. Precision measurement of the weak charge of the proton. F. Benmokhtar with the Qweak Collaboration. Nature 557, 207-211 (2018).

4. The large-area hybrid-optics RICH detector for the CLAS12 spectrometer. Nuclear Instruments and Methods. 876, pp. 54-58 (2017). F. Benmokhtar with the CLAS12 RICH collaboration.

5. Test of the CLAS12 RICH large scale prototype in the direct proximity focusing configuration. F. Benmokhtar with the CLAS12 RICH collaboration. The European Physical Journal A (EPJA) Hadrons and Nuclei, DOI 10.1140/epja/i2016-16023-4 (2016).

6. A high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity with a frequency-doubled green laser for precision Compton polarimetry at Jefferson Lab. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 822, pp. 82-96 21 (2016).

7. The Q_weak Experimental Apparatus. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Volume 781, Pages 105-133, (2015).

8. Measurement of Parity-Violating Asymmetry in Electron-Deuteron Inelastic Scattering. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics Volume 91, Issue 4, Article number 045506, (2015). F. Benmokhtar with the HAPPEX collaboration.

9. Double Spin Asymmetries of Inclusive Hadron Electro-productions from a Transversely Polarized 3He Target. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics Volume 92, Issue 1, Article number 015207, (2015).

10. Measurement of parity violation in electron-quark scattering. Jefferson Lab PVDIS collaboration, Nature 506, 67-70. (2014).

Selected older publications:

1. Strange Quark Contributions to Parity-Violating Asymmetries in the Backward Angle G0 Electron Scattering Experiment. G0 Collaboration. Phys.Rev.Lett. 104 (2010) 012001. F. Benmokhtar with the G0 Collaboration.

2. Probing Cold Dense Nuclear Matter. Science 320 (2008) 1476-1478. F. Benmokhtar, with the SRC collaboration.

3. Measurement of the 3He(e,e'p)pn reaction at high missing energies and momenta. Phys.Rev.Lett. 94 (2005) 082305. F. Benmokhtar PhD work.

4. The Quasielastic 3He(e,e'p)d reaction at Q2 = 1.5 GeV2 for recoil momenta up to 1GeV/c. Phys.Rev.Lett. 94 (2005) 192302. M. Rvachev and F. Benmokhtar, PhD work.


PHYS200 Essential Physics
PHYS320 Theoretical methods for the Physical Sciences
PHYS401 Thermal Physics
PHYS470 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS482 Particle Physics
PHYS487 Problems in PhysicS
PHYS-487 Senior Research
PHYS-340 Research for credits

Professional Membership

American Physical Society (APS) 2003- Present
American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) 2014-Present
Physics Honor Society 2014-Present
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility's users group 2000-present
Electron Ion Collider Users group 2010-now
Jefferson Lab CLAS12 member: 2018-Present
Pennsylvania Academy 2019-Present


Reviewer of the Department of Energy grant proposals
Reviewer of the National Science Foundation grant proposals
Reviewer for Physics Review Letters
National Science Foundation GRFP Panelist
Reviewer of the American Physical Society/Division of Nuclear Physics Undergraduate students abstracts.

Conference Committees
Organizing committee, Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP), Pittsburgh, PA, 2020
Organizing committee, The 15th International Conference on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon, MENU-2019.
Organizing committee, Electron Ion-Collider Users group meeting, Catholic University of America. Washigton DC, 2018.
Member of the organizing committee, American Physical Society, Division of Nuclear Physics, meeting, Pittsburgh, PA 2017.
Session chair in many APS or APS/DNP meetings.
Organizer (chair) of the SuperBigBite Spectrometer workshop at Jefferson lab, 2010

University, School and Department Service
Member of the leadership team of the women in Science organization WIS@Du
Committee member of graduate students excellence in Teaching award 2019
Faculty development grant reviewer.
Member of the Undergraduate Research Program committee.
Computer committee, department of Physics