George Spangenberg

Visiting Professor
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Center for International Relations

818 Libermann Hall
Phone: 412.396.2364





IR 200 - Writing and Research in International Relations (Fall and Spring)
This course introduces the student to the fundamental principles of international relations and engages the student in fundamental research. With research and upon discovery the student will be expectted to communicate, clearly, his or her findings.

IR 393 - Political and Economic Geography (Fall)
What is political and economic geography? Political and economic geography is a discipline which studies the world (its continents, oceans, nation-states, natural resources, climatic/environmental conditions, et al.), as it is understood and controlled by its inhabitants. This discipline invites us to think critically about our conceptualization of the world, past, present and future through the lenses of political and economic power.

IR 491 - Internship - With special permission of the CIR directors.

IR 496 - Special Topics - With special permission of the CIR directors.