Joan Kiel

Rangos School of Health Sciences
Health Administration and Public Health

Fisher 436
Phone: 412.396.4419


Ph.D., Philosophy, New York University
M.Phil., Philosophy, New York University
M.P.A., Health Administration & Policy, New York University
Bio and Expertise

Prior to Duquesne University, Dr. Kiel was an administrator at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York and the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System. She continues to be active in the community as an analyst in managed care and practice management and has developed and implemented a unique HIPAA training program for physicians and other health care professionals. At Duquesne University, she teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Kiel was a 1997 nominee for the Robert Foster Cherry Award for national teaching excellence, and a 1998 recipient of the Duquesne University Creative Teaching Award. She has also been the keynote speaker for Faculty Development Presentations at various schools including: The University of North Carolina, Thomas Jefferson University, Howard University, and East Tennessee State University. Her teaching motto is to "tie theory to practice" and all of her classes include experiential exercises.

Dr. Kiel is the author/editor of the book, "Information Technology for the Practicing Physician," and "Healthcare Information Management Systems" - A Practical Guide, and served as section editor for MD Computing. Her next book "Healthcare Information Management Systems" is due out in 2004. Dr. Kiel has numerous publications and national presentations on health management systems' topics. In 2004, Dr. Kiel was awarded the Dean's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and the Duquesne University Apple Polishing Award for Excellence in Employee Performance. Her research interests include utilizing information technology to effectuate organizational objectives, intellectual property, and adaptation to technology. She holds a doctorate degree from New York University.

HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance
Healthcare Information Technology
Healthcare Policy
Human Resources Management
Management & Leadership


Data Management
Health Information Systems
Healthcare Delivery & Organization
Health Information Management Policy
Research & Analytical Methods



Information Technology for the Practicing Physician, Springer Verlag, NY, NY, 2001

Healthcare Information Management Systems: Aprctical Guide -3rd Edition (with Ball & Weaver), Springer Verlag, NY, NY, 2004

Refereed Articles:

"Electronic Managed Care - The Utilization of Information Technology in a Managed Care Environment" in The Healthcare Manager

"Combining Mandatory Health Insurance and Medical Savings Accounts" in Managed Care Interface "HIPPA Implementation: Measuring Change and Quality Improvement" In the Journal of HIMSS.

"Using Personal Digital Assistants to Enhance Outcomes" (with Goldblum) in the Journal of HIMSS.

"Web Site Management is Vital to Practice Management" in Medscape Techmed


Professional Presentations:

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

American Health Information Management Association

American College Health Association

APAP Eastern Consortium

Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Medical Group Management Association

MEDINFO 10th World Conference on Medical Informatics

Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals

Association for Health Services Research

East Tennessee State University

University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll

Howard University


The utilization of information technology to effectuate practice management; managed care; HIPAA