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Kara McGoey

School of Education
Counseling Psychology and Special Education

209A Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.4105


Ph.D., School Psychology, Lehigh University, 1998

Dr. McGoey is currently an Associate Professor of School Psychology at Duquesne University where she teaches courses on behavioral assessment and intervention, child and adolescent development and early childhood assessment and intervention.  Dr. McGoey received her PhD from Lehigh University and completed an internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Her research interests include translating scientifically sound interventions into the school setting to improve the social emotional functioning of children, reducing the barriers to intervention fidelity and preschool mental health. Dr. McGoey is the author of 27 published journal articles and book chapters and over 50 scholarly presentations given at international, national, regional or local conferences. 


GPSY 619 Child and Adolescent Development

GPSY 625 Behavior Interventions

GPSY 808 Early Childhood Assessment and Intervention

GPSY 815 Standards and Ethics in School Psychology


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