Mrea Csorba

Adjunct Assistant Professor
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Art History Program, Department of History

College Hall 312
Phone: 412.396.6470


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Csorba has been teaching at Duquesne University in the Art History program since 1992. Her teaching areas include:

  • Western Art and Architecture
  • Asian and Non-Western Art and Architecture


  • ARHY 100: Understanding Art
  • ARHY 112: Art History: Renaissance to Modern
  • ARHY 161: Arts and the Human Experience (art portion)
  • ARHY 175: Introduction to Asian Art
  • ARHY 230: History of Western Architecture
  • ARHY 290: Non-Western Art
  • IHP 202: Honors Seminar--Global Diversity: Non-Western Art
  • IHP 204: Honors Seminar: Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art
Research and Scholarship

Art History Specialty and Research Area: Ancient Chinese Art and Archeology

Current Research:

  • Interface of Dynastic China with Non-Dynastic pastoral cultures of Central Asian steppes

Recent Scholarship:

  • "A Bird in the Ear of the Stag: Commonalities of Steepe Iconography, East and West," International Symposium, 1st Emperor's Mausoleum Institute, Xian China, August 10, 2012.