noah potvin

Noah Potvin

Assistant Professor of Music Therapy
Mary Pappert School of Music and School of Nursing
Music Therapy

Music, Room 101
Phone: 412.396.1786


Ph.D., Drexel University
M.M., Temple University
B.M., Temple University

Noah Potvin, Ph.D., MT-BC, is an assistant professor of music therapy at Duquesne University with a joint appointment in the Mary Pappert School of Music and the School of Nursing. Dr. Potvin has expertise in music therapy in end-of-life care settings, with multiple publications on topics related to the theoretical and clinical development of music therapy in medical settings, including a theoretical model for clinical work with pre-bereaved hospice caregivers; the spiritual components of hospice work; and the boundaries of symptom manage in oncologic care.

Dr. Potvin's most recent publication was a partial manuscript of his dissertation entitled A Theoretical Model of Resource-Oriented Music Therapy with Informal Hospice Caregivers during Pre-Bereavement. In 2018, Dr. Potvin was awarded Duquesne University's Presidential Scholarship Award to complete a manuscript entitled Music Therapy as a Psychospiritual Ministry of Intercession during Imminent Death. In addition to this project, Dr. Potvin's current research involves developing clinical protocols for work with hospice caregivers in pre-bereavement; articulating the pedagogy experiences of new music therapy faculty members; and exploring how music therapy educators define and teach clinical musicianship to music therapy students.

Dr. Potvin is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences for such organizations as the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), the New Jersey Tri-County Regional Ethics Committee, and the Southern Gerontological Society. In 2016, Noah was an invited speaker at Radford University's Annual Music Therapy Symposium. Noah presently serves as the Associate Editor-Communications for Music Therapy Perspectives, and has previously served on the Certification Board for Music Therapists Exam Committee, AMTA's Affiliate Relations Committee, and AMTA's Assembly of Delegates.

Recent Presentations and Invited Lectures

Radford University's Annual Music Therapy Symposium

  • Music Therapy as a Core and Integral Service in Hospice (2016)

World Congress of Music Therapy

  • A Music Therapy Model for Pre-Bereavement Resiliency Development in Informa Hospice Caregivers: A Grounded Theory Study (2017)

American Music Therapy Association - National Conference

  • Survive and Thrive: An Autoethnographic Exploration of New Music Therapy Faculty (2018)
  • A Clinicians' Guide for Interpreting and Applying Research in Evidence-Based Practice (2017)
  • Music, Death, and Mystery: Perpectives on Clinical Practice During Imminent Death (2017)
  • Music Therapy Through the Pre-Bereavement/Bereavement Continuum with Adults, Youths, and Professionals (2015)
  • Music Therapy Goals Can Be Understood Musically, Too (2015)

American Music Therapy Association - Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

  • Critical Pedagogy: Educational Approaches for Co-Investigating the Dominant Narratives in Music Therapy (2018)
  • Staking a Claim: Positioning Music Therapy as a Primary Service in End-of-Life Care (2018)

Mixed Methods International Research

  • The Impact of Music Therapy Versus Music Medicine on Psychological Outcomes and Pain in Cancer Patients: A Mixed Methods Study (2014)

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