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noah potvin

Noah Potvin

Assistant Professor, Music Therapy
Mary Pappert School of Music and School of Nursing
Music Therapy

School of Music 2Q
Phone: 412.396.1786


Ph.D., Drexel University
M.M., Temple University
B.M., Temple University

Noah Potvin, Ph.D., MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist with expertise in music therapy in end-of-life care settings. He has served on the faculty of the University of Dayton as a Lecturer in Music Therapy and has recently completed his doctoral dissertation developing a music therapy model of resiliency development in pre-bereaved hospice caregivers.

Dr. Potvin has published on multiple topics related to the theoretical and clinical development of medical music therapy, including the spiritual components of hospice work, the boundaries of symptom management in oncologic care, and clinical trends in cardiac care. He has presented both nationally and regionally for organizations such as the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), the New Jersey Tri-County Regional Ethics Committee, and the Southern Gerontological Society. In 2016, Noah was an invited speaker at Radford University's Annual Music Therapy Symposium. His research interests include continued development of a clinical model and related theory regarding pre-bereavement work with hospice caregivers, the development of substantive theoretical principles and clinical practices that establish music therapy as a primary end-of-life care service, and the various dimensions of spirituality that manifest in music at the end of life.

Dr. Potvin presently serves as the Associate Editor-Communications for Music Therapy Perspectives, one of two peer-reviewed journals produced by AMTA. Other past professional service to music therapy includes the Certification Board for Music Therapists Exam Committee, AMTA's Affiliate Relations Committee, and AMTA's Assembly of Delegates.

Recent Presentations and Invited Lectures

Radford University's Annual Music Therapy Symposium
Music Therapy as a Core and Integral Service in Hospice (2016)

World Congress of Music Therapy
A Music Therapy Model for Pre-Bereavement Resiliency Development in Informa Hospice Caregivers: A Grounded Theory Study (2017)

American Music Therapy Association - National Conference
Music Therapy Through the Pre-Bereavement/Bereavement Continuum with Adults, Youths, and Professionals (2015)
Music Therapy Goals Can Be Understood Musically, Too (2015)
Creating, Maintaining, and Sustaining a New Hospice Music Therapy Position (2014)
Music Therapy and Symptom Management in Cancer Care (2014)

American Music Therapy Association - Great Lakes Regional Conference
The Role of Music Therapy and Ritual Drama During Imminent Death (2016)

Mixed Methods International Research
The Impact of Music Therapy Versus Music Medicine on Psychological Outcomes and Pain in Cancer Patients: A Mixed Methods Study (2014)


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