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Patrick Juola

Professor of Computer Science
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

727 Fisher hall, EVL Lab
Phone: 412.396.2276


B.S. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, The Johns Hopkins University, 1987
MS. Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, 1991, 1995

Graduate Courses Taught:

CPMA 515 (Advanced Discrete Mathematics)
CPMA 531 (Programming Language: Java)
CPMA 532 (Data Structures)
CPMA 535 (Computer Systems)
CPMA 535 (Software Engineering)
CPMA 564 (Cryptology)
CPMA 580 (Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science)
CPMA 585 (Computer Security)
GRBUS 462 (Topics in Digital Forensics)

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

COSC 100 (Elements of Computer Science)
COSC 101 (Introduction to Visual Basic)
COSC 150 (Computer Programming: C++)
COSC 220 (Computer Organization and Assembly Language)
COSC 210 (Data Structures)
COSC 325W (Operating Systems and Computer Architecture)
COSC 410 (Artificial Intelligence)
COSC 425 (Computer Graphics)
COSC 435 (Theory of Programming Languages)
COSC 450 (Computer Networks)
COSC 460 (Computer Security)
COSC 494 (SPTPC: Neural Networks)
COSC 495 (SPTPC: Authorship Attribution)

Non-Academic Experience


Founder and Director of Research, J Computing, Inc. (2010 - Present). A Pennsylvania-based startup specializing in forensic
text analysis.
Adjunct Scientist, Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, the Johns Hopkins University (2008 - Present).
Visiting Scientist, CERT/CC, Carnegie Mellon University (1999 - 2001).
Staff Scientist, PGP, Inc. (1995 - 2001).
Software Engineer, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept., MIT (1990 - 1990).
Technical Consultant, AT&T Bell Laboratories (1987 - 1990).


CIRCA Scholar, Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts, University of Alberta (2011 - Present).
Contributing Editor, PCSense Magazine (1995 - 1997).
NSF Fellow, Electrotechnical Laboratory (1991 - 1991).

2012: Stowell, D. & Juola, P., Is That You, Mr. Lincoln?: Applying Authorship Attribution to the Early Political Writings of Abraham Lincoln ($50,000.00), GOV-National Endowment for the Humanities.

2010: Juola, P., SDCI Data: Improvement: Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program (JGAAP) ($1,622,036.00), GOV-National Science Foundation (NSF).

2009: Juola, P., Conjecture Generation ($3,500.00), Wimmer Family Foundation.

2008: Juola, P. & Argamon, S., CRI: CRD: Collaborative Research: Community Resources for Authorship Attribution Research ($58,202.00), GOV-National Science Foundation (NSF).

2007: Juola, P., SDCI Data New: A Modular Software Framework for Evaluation, Testing, and Cross-Fertilization of Authorship Attribution Techniques ($212,000.00), GOV-National Science Foundation (NSF).

2007: Juola, P., A Machine-Aided Back-of-the-Book Indexing System ($131,465.00), GOV-National Endowment for the Humanities.

2006: Juola, P., Wimmer Textbook Writing Proposal: Six Septembers ($3,500.00), Wimmer Family Foundation.

2003: Simon, D. & Juola, P., Acquisition of a Beowulf Cluster for Research and Education in the Computational Sciences, GOV-National Science Foundation (NSF).

2003: Juola, P., A Model of Aphasia using Dictionary-Derived Natural Language Semantics, Oxford University Press.  Supported by provision of research corpora from the Digital Reference library.

2002: Juola, P., Wimmer Textbook Writing Proposal: A Virtual Assembly, Wimmer Family Foundation.
Funded for one course released time.

2002: Juola, P. & Levine, S., Interdisciplinary Teaching Development, MATH 320: Topics in Mathematics ($5,000.00), Wimmer Family Foundation.

1999: Juola, P., Measuring Linguistic Complexity ($2,500.00), NEH Internal Grant.