Photo of Dr. Rebecca Kronk

Rebecca Kronk, PhD, MSN, CRNP, FAAN, CNE

Associate Professor/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Chair, Undergraduate Programs
School of Nursing

Fisher Hall 542C
Phone: 412.396.4228


PhD, Applied Developmental Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, 2008
MSN, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, University of Pittsburgh, 1999
BSN, Nursing, Carlow College, 1981
RN, Diploma-RN, St Francis Hospital, 1978

Dr. Rebecca Kronk joined Duquesne University School of Nursing as an Assistant Professor in August 2010 and earned tenure in 2016. She is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner. Dr. Kronk earned her MSN from the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and a PhD in Applied Development Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education.

Dr. Kronk was a fellow in the Maternal and Child Health Training program providing leadership and education in neurodevelopmental disabilities and autism (LEND) at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Kronk has been in the field of pediatric nursing for over 40 years and she is experienced in helping children and families with a range of developmental issues. She has enjoyed combining clinical work with teaching and research. The theoretical framework of her research has been based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health published by the World Health Organization. Dr. Kronk has conducted several research studies on the sleep patterns of children with Fragile X syndrome and developmental functioning of children in the FXS gray zone alleles. Her ongoing research has focused on undergraduate educational interventions to promote learning in genetics and caring for people with disabilities.

Post-graduate education has occurred at the National Institutes of Health and included:

  • 2015 National Human Genome Research Institute Summer Workshop in Genomics
  • 2014 NINR Big Data Methodologies Boot Camp
  • 2013 NINR Sleep Methodologies Boot Camp
  • 2011 NINR Summer Genetics Institute

While at Duquesne, Dr. Kronk has applied her expertise in pediatrics and genetics to both graduate and undergraduate course; she has also accompanied nursing students to Nicaragua for a service learning experience and provided the emphasis on the nursing care of children. She developed the undergraduate course Genetics in Nursing and Health.

Dr. Kronk was the first recipient, along with her colleague, Dr. Yvonne Weideman, of the Gaultier Fellowship for community-engaged scholarship. She also received the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year Award and the 2014 Cameos of Caring - Nurse Educator Award.

2018 - Present Fellow in the American Academy of Nurses (FAAN)
2018 - Present ANA Scope and Standards of Practice Intellectual and Developmental Nursing Work Group
2016 - 2017 Emerging Educational Administrator Institute Scholar Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Inc. (EEAI-STTI)
2016 - 2017 AACN Leadership for Academic Nursing Program Fellow (LANP)
1998 - 1999 Leadership in Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Fellow

2018- Present
Nurses' Perspectives on Patient Dismissal after Parental Refusal of Recommended Childhood Immunizations, Principal Investigator

Using a Delphi study to develop consensus on disability related competencies for BSN curriculum, Principal Investigator

2016 -Present
Healthy Nursing Students 2020: A Prospective Cohort Study

2015 - Present
Experiences and Perceptions of Postpartum Women with Substance Use Disorders Inclusive of Opioids Regarding Their Care, Faculty Advisor & Dissertation Chair

2014 - Present
Investigating a Newly Developed Genetics Course and Acquisition of Genetic and Genomic Nursing Competencies, Principal Investigator

2014 - Present
Mastery Learning Theory: Assessing the Impact of an Innovative Approach to Educating Nurses to Clinical Competence, Faculty Advisor & Dissertation Chair

2014 - 2015
Assessing Distress Levels of Refugee Women to Provide Insight for Enhanced Psychosocial Interventions Faculty Advisor & Dissertation Chair

2013 - 2014
Comparing Two Teaching Strategies: Simulation of Newborn Assessment vs, In-Class Instruction, Faculty Advisor & Dissertation Chair

2012 - 2013
Investigating the lived experience of grandparents raising their grandchildren, Principal Investigator

2012 - 2013
Nursing and Healthcare in Nicaragua-what is the impact on undergraduate nursing students' personal, professional and cultural development? Co-Investigator

2012 - 2013
Increasing Healthy Nutritional and Physical Activity Behavior Changes Through a WIC Educational Intervention, Faculty Advisor & Dissertation Chair

2011 - 2013
What is the Cultural Climate among Faculty, Students, and Staff within the School of Nursing at Duquesne University? Co-Investigator

2011 - 2012
Effect of an Educational Intervention on Nurse Knowledge and Attitude with Discharge Instruction in Children Following Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury, Faculty Advisor & Dissertation Chair

2009 - 2016
Fragile X Clinical and Research Consortium Registry, Co-Investigator

2008 - 2013
Developmental functioning of children in the FXS gray zone alleles, Co-Investigator

2006 - 2013
Sleep Patterns in children with fragile x syndrome, Principal Investigator

2005 - 2016
Fragile X syndrome registry, Co-Investigator

Grants Awarded 

Hearst Foundation Grant
Funds will support the research and development of an undergraduate simulation program that will incorporate standardized patients with disabilities into the curriculum-learning environment to provide equitable, competent, evidence-based care to patients with disabilities.
Principal Investigator
2018 - 2021

Edith Tress Foundation
The purpose of this project is to create a summer theater camp for youth with disabilities that will provide training on how to act in healthcare scenarios that can be applied to the standardized patient role plus gain confidence in communication skills and self-advocacy.
Principal Investigator
2019 - 2020

Edith Tress Foundation
The purpose of this project is to advance nursing education in the care of children with disabilities and their families by establishing a standardized patient simulation program.
Principal Investigator
2018 - 2019

Faculty Development Grant Fund Award
Nurses' Perspectives on Patient Dismissal after Parental Refusal of Childhood Immunizations"
2018 - 2019

FISA Foundation
The purpose of this project is to advance nursing education in the care of people with disabilities. We will partner with Heinz Foundation and United Way to create a digital learning tool based on the Wrongs to Rights Heinz History Museum archives.
Fall, 2017 - 2018

Center for Community Engaged Research and Teaching Pathways Grant
"Healthy Communities: Health Happens Where we Live, Work & Play"
Spring 2016 to Spring 2020

Center for Nursing Research Faculty Research Grant, Duquesne University
Are Children with Fragile X Losing their Zzzz's and Y? Part 2
Principal Investigator
May, 2011 to December, 2012

Gaultier Faculty Fellows for Service Learning, Duquesne University
Using Photovoice Methodology to Understand the Lived Experience of Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren
Fall, 2012 to Spring, 2013


Publications - Last 5 years

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Book Chapters - Last 5 years
Kronk, R. & Filipink, R. Sleep in Fragile X Syndrome (invited 2015). In Sleep in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Springer.

Kronk, R. and Dorman, J (2010) Fragile X syndrome. In Nursing Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities : An Integrated Approach. Brookes. Baltimore.

Scholarly Presentations - Last 5 years
Kronk, R.
, & Messick, C. (May, 2015) Genetic Preparation for Health Care Professionals: LEND Model. NYMAC Summit 2015: Partners in Genetic Journeys: Building Systems of Care Together, Baltimore, MD. (Invited; Regional)

Dostillio, L., Kronk, R., Quinones, S., & Conti, N. (March, 2015). Common Ground, Diverse Voices, Community-Engaged Research and Generative Knowledge in Social Science. Society for Applied Anthropology, Pittsburgh PA. (Competitive review, International)

Kronk, R. (December, 2014). Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Office of Child Development, Early Childhood Partnerships, Pittsburgh PA. (Invited, Regional)

Kronk, R. (November, 2014). Neurodevelopmental Diagnoses and Functioning of Children with FMR1 Gene Alleles in the Grey Zone. ISONG Conference, San Antonio TX. (Accepted-not presented; competitive review; International)


2016-2017 AACN Jonas Scholar Advisor

2015 Recipient of the Faculty Friend Award, presented by the Office of Residence Life, Duquesne University, for providing multiple educational programs to the Living and Learning Centers

2014 Recipient of the Cameos of Caring - Nurse Educator Award, Duquesne, presented at the 16th Annual Celebration of Nursing Awards Gala sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.

2012-2013 Recipient of Teacher of the Year Award annual event sponsored by the Duquesne Chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa, The National Leadership Honor Society