Retta Marie Martin

Clinical Instructor & Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
Rangos School of Health Sciences
Department of Occupational Therapy

226 Rangos
Phone: 412.396.5947


M.S., Health and Rehabilitation Science with a concentration in Occupational Therapy, University of Pittsburgh, 2009
B.S., Occupational Therapy, University of Pittsburgh, 1993
Bio and Expertise

Retta Marie Martin attended the University of Pittsburgh where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. She returned to the University of Pittsburgh to complete her Masters of Science in Health and Rehabilitative Science with a concentration in Occupational Therapy. Retta has 20+ years of experience specializing in providing services in rehabilitation inpatient and outpatient settings and the school setting. Retta is a clinical specialist for a variety of diagnosis including spinal cord injury, brain injury, developmental disabilities, feeding disorders, chronic pain, visual deficits and ASD. Retta has also developed knowledge and skill with environmental adaptation and assistive technology evaluations including wheelchair, computer access, augmentative and alternative communication device and home modification.

As a teacher-scholar, Retta Marie Martin's clinical background influences her teaching philosophy in that she believes personal growth is achieved by learning from one's experiences. Retta strives to bridge the connection between classroom theory and clinical practice through her role as the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator. To enhance her teacher-scholar role, Retta is currently working on her Ed.D in Educational Leadership at Duquesne University. Her dissertation is focused on infusing social entrepreneurship competencies into OT curriculum to enhance occupational therapy's role in emerging practice settings.

In addition, Retta is involved in a variety of different service roles. She is the faculty advisor for the Duquesne University Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity Chapter Student program. Retta serves the university through her roles as a member of the Faculty Senate Assembly and as a member of the Chronic Pain Research Consortium at Duquesne University with her focus being pediatric pain. Retta also serves on the committee for Commission on Education for the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association.

Expertise: Medical and school based models, pediatric rehabilitation, assistive technology, management and professional development.


Current Courses:

  • OCCT 548: Medical Conditions
  • OCCT 511: Clinical Reasoning I and Fieldwork 1A
  • OCCT 512: Clinical Reasoning II and Fieldwork 1C                                                                      
  • OCCT 561: Occupational Therapy Leadership & Administration

Past Teaching:

  • OCCT 502: Occupational Therapy Overview
  • OCCT 550: Environmental Adaptation and Rehab Technology/Lab
  • OCCT 519: Neurological & Sensorimotor Function I/Lab
  • OCCT 520: Neurological & Sensorimotor Function II Lab
  • OCCT 530: Biomechanical Functions Lab
  • REHS 529 OT Essentials
  • OCCT 518: Humans, Groups and Occupations
  • OCCT 522: Intervention Seminar
  • OCCT 535: Occupational Performance Evaluation
  • OCCT 545: Occupational Performance Perspectives

Research interests:

Enhancing leadership and social entrepreneurship skills to increase occupational therapy's impact in emerging practice setting, occupational therapy and pediatric pain management, impact of growth mindset and mindfulness reducing student stress/anxiety and improving student performance.



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(Conference cancelled due to COVID-19)

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