Robert Maher

Assistant Professor by Courtesy
School of Pharmacy
Division of Pharmacy Practice

301A Bayer
Phone: 412.396.4989


Pharm.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1997
B.S., R.Ph., University of Pittsburgh, 1993

Dr. Maher received both his bachelor's degree and Pharm.D. from the University of Pittsburgh ('93 and '97). Dr. Maher's completed a Geriatric specialized residency at Duke University's Center for the Study of Aging and the Durham Veteran's Affairs Geriatric Research Education Center. Dr. Maher's areas of clinical expertise are in geriatric pharmacotherapy, advanced independent community clinical pharmacy practice and ownership.

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1.) PHPRC 465- Selected Topics in Geriatrics (elective)
2.) PHPRC 466- Long Term Care Course (elective)
3.) PHBMS Dyslipidemia Lecture on Marketing and Planning in Disease State Management
4.) PHBMS 427-1 BMS Pulmonology/Oncology Weekend Program - Lecture Respiratory
therapeutics and Course Master
5.) PHPR 447-01: Pharmacy Practice V Clinical Business Planning
6.) PHBA 310 American Healthcare System
7.) PHBA 431 Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy (elective)
8.) PHBA 432 Pharmacy Entrepreneurship Business Competition
9.) PHPR 479 Clinical Preparation in Community Pharmacy Practice
10.) PHPR 489 Branding of a Clinical Community Practice
11.) Duquesne University APHA MTM Training Coordinator
12.) NCPA Advisor
13.) Advanced Community Pharmacy/Ambulatory Care Physician Practice Clinical Experiential 
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2010 Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association Preceptor of the Year Award
2002 Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year Award
2000 Duquesne University School of Pharmacy Dean Merit Award
1996 Rho Chi Honor Society
1993 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Community Pharmacy Internship Award
Professional Affiliations
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists 1995- present
American College of Clinical Pharmacy 1995-Present
American Geriatrics Society 1999-Present
National Community Pharmacists Association 1990- Present
American Association Colleges of Pharmacy 2000-Present
American Pharmacy Association 1992-Present
Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association Present