Headshot of faculty member Dr. Seth Tichenor

Seth Tichenor

Assistant Professor
Rangos School of Health Sciences
Speech-Language Pathology

411 Fisher Hall


Ph.D., in Communication Science and Disorders, Michigan State University
M.S., Speech-Language Pathology, The University of Pittsburgh
A.B., Classical Civilization, Wabash College

Dr. Seth E. Tichenor, PhD., CCC-SLP is an assistant professor at Duquesne University. His research interests include better understanding and predicting individual differences in the experience of stuttering (stammering), understanding how adverse impact related to the condition develops, and determining how moments of stuttering occur in speech. He investigates the role cognitive-affective processes have on speech production and language formulation processes in stuttering and non-clinical populations. He also practices clinically and is actively involved in clinical education regarding stuttering assessment and treatment.


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Tracking the development of adverse impact related to stuttering in children and quantifying its influence on speech neurophysiology.

R01 Diversity Supplement - $117,020.00
(Parent Grant R01 DC013402, NIH NIDCD, PI: Bridget Walsh).
Role: Principle-Investigator (Funded)

Dissertation Completion Scholarship

Michigan State University. Awarded winter 2019/2020 - $7,000.00
Role: Principle-Investigator (Funded)

ABD Graduate School Funding Award

Michigan State University. Awarded in Fall 2019 - $5,500.00
Role: Principle-Investigator (Funded)

PhD Student Scholarship

Council of Academic Programs in CSD. Applied in 2018 - $20,000.00
Role: Principle-Investigator (Unfunded)

National Stuttering Association Research Award

National Stuttering Association. Applied in 2018 - $2,500.00
Role: Principle-Investigator (Unfunded)