Wenqi Zhou

David Warco Faculty Fellow in Information Systems & Technology, Associate Professor of Information Systems & Technology
Palumbo Donahue School of Business
Information Systems and Technology

901 Rockwell Hall
Phone: 412.396.2537


Ph.D., Business Administration, George Washington University, 2013

Wenqi Zhou is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Technology in the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University. She received her Ph.D. in Information Systems & Technology Management in 2013 from The George Washington University School of Business. Her research primarily focuses on understanding social, economic and managerial aspects of e-commerce, social media, online user-generated contents and online communities by analyzing large-scale online data. Her works have been published in Journal of MIS, Decision Support Systems, IEEE TIFS, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, IEEE Computer, etc. She is also the recipient of several Best Paper Awards from leading information systems conferences.

At Duquesne, she teaches the introductory information systems, and multiple data analytics courses at graduate level.

Honors and Awards

Duquesne School of Business Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

Duquesne Annual Summer Research Grant, 2014-2019

Workshop on e-Business (WeB) Best Paper Award, 2018, 2012

Beard Research Fellowship in Ethics, 2017-2018

Academy of Management Annual Meeting Best Paper Proceedings, 2017

Duquesne Palumbo-Donahue School of Business Best Researcher of the Year, 2017, 2016

Duquesne University Presidential Scholarship Award, 2015

GWSB Research Award in Information Systems and Technology Management, 2013

GW School of Business Doctoral Research Enhancement Fund, 2011-2013

Workshop on e-Business (WeB) Best Paper Award, 2012

The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2012

The Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2012

George Washington University Future Faculty Program Fellow, 2012

George Washington University Global Leaders Fellowship, 2007-2012


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Projects and Selected Publications

  • Gender stereotypes in Online Social Media

Discrete Emotions Effects on Electronic Word-of-Mouth Helpfulness: The Moderating Role of Reviewer Gender and Contextual Emotional Tone.  Decision Support Systems (DSS), 130.

No One Trusts Emotional Women? Measuring the Impact of Discrete Emotions on Review Helpfulness, Best Paper Award at Workshop on e-Business, 2018, Santa Clara, CA.

  • Economics of E-Commerce and Online User-Generated Content

The Interplay Between Free Sampling and Word of Mouth in the Online Software Market. Decision Support Systems (DSS), 2017, 95, 82-99. Download PDF

Do Professional Reviews Affect Online User Choices through User Reviews?: An Empirical Study. Journal of MIS (JMIS), 2016, 33(1), 202-228. Download PDF

An Empirical Study of How Third-Party Websites Influence the Feedback Mechanism between Online Word-of-Mouth and Retail Sales. Decision Support Systems (DSS), 2015, 76, 14-23. Download PDF

Online user reviews, product variety, and the long tail: An empirical investigation on online software downloads. Electronic Commerce and Research Applications (ECRA), 2012, 11 (3), 275-289. Download PDF

How Does the Distribution of Word-of-Mouth across Websites Affect Online Retail Sales? Best Paper Award at Workshop on e-Business, 2012, Orlando, FL.

  • Online Review Manipulation

Efficiently Promoting Product Online Outcome: An Iterative Rating Attack Utilizing Product and Market Property. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2017, 12 (6), 1444-1457. Download PDF

Online Product Rating Manipulation and Market Performance. IEEE Computer, 2015, 48 (5), 72-75. Download PDF

Can You Really Make Profit from Online Review Manipulations?: An Empirical Study. IEEE Computer Society International Conference on Computers, Software & Applications (COMPSAC 2016)