Yang Wang

Adjunct Faculty
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Department of Physics

322 Fisher Hall
Phone: 412.396.5482


Ph.D., Physics, Florida Atlantic University
M.S., Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon University
M.E., Electronic Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S., Physics, University of Science and Technology of China
Professional Background

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Metals and Ceramics Division, Postdoctoral Researcher, Oak Ridge, TN, 1993 ~ 1996

  • Developed a linear scaling quantum mechanical simulation code to study electronic and magnetic structures of metals and alloys.  this code became the first scientific application package that exceeds the teraflop performance and won the first place of 1998 Gordon Bell Prize for high performance computing and the Year 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld Program Award.
  • Applied massively parallel supercomputing technology to alloy modeling and design.



PHYS 374 - Modern Physics

PHYS 401 - Thermal Physics

PHYS 470 - Electricity & Magnetism