Welcome to the Community and University Honors Seminar

In this cross-disciplinary Honors College seminar students:

  • Analyze the needs of a community near Duquesne University
  • Select and carry out a project that will meet an important community need and contribute to their own academic growth
  • Reflect on their experience and examine their work in light of what others have written about civic engagement and service-learning
  • Document their project, studies, and reflections to assist others who are interested in forging links between universities and communities.

Past initiatives

In spring 2015, after three years of work in the Hill District, the seminar returned to Hazelwood and worked with the Center of Life.

The 2012, 2013, and 2014 seminars helped advance the Honors College's Signature Partnership with the Daisy Wilson Artist Community.

Examine the strategic plan the spring 2012 seminar prepared to advance a signature partnership between Duquesne University's Honors College and the Daisy Wilson Artist Community, which is developing the historic August Wilson house in the Hill District for a center for the arts. Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's article on their project.

Take the tour of August Wilson's Hill District--virtual in this case--that members of the spring 2013 seminar gave to a group of Duquesne's faculty, staff and students, and then to a group of visitors to the annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association.

View the Web site and Facebook page that members of the spring 2014 seminar created for the Daisy Wilson Artist Community. Evaluate the concepts for the house that they presented to members of the community's board of directors.

Earlier semesters focused on Hazelwood (2010, 2011), the Hill District (2004, 2009), Uptown (2002, 2006) and South Side (2005, 2008).

Read the front-page local section article in the May 6, 2010, edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reporting on the spring 2010 seminar's project, "Duquesne students devote semester to Hazelwood."

View the PowerPoint presentation students in the spring 2009 seminar gave on campus and in the community to describe their process to create a Hill District asset map. Read the article in the April 30, 2009, edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reporting on the project, "Duquesne U. students map Hill District assets."

View the PowerPoint presentation students in the spring 2008 seminar gave at the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council in San Antonio, Texas, October 24, 2008.