Online Student Experience

Duquesne University's fully online and hybrid programs are dedicated to offering students high-quality learning experiences taught by faculty who are leaders in their fields and teach in equivalent on-campus programs.  

Duquesne's faculty are committed to the teacher-scholar model for both its on-campus and online courses. This model combines the highest academic standards for faculty use of engaging technologies and instructional strategies for teaching that is grounded in faculty scholarship, research, and real-world experiences.

Please watch the Student Introduction to Online Learning at Duquesne to get a feel for the online course environment at Duquesne.

As a Duquesne online student, you can expect...

An engaging and collaborative virtual classroom experience

Duquesne's online courses are not self-paced, independent study. They promote interactions with your professor and classmates, active participation in synchronous and/or asynchronous discussions, and submission of individual and collaborative assignments according to deadlines set by the professor.

Academically challenging coursework

Duquesne's online courses are as rigorous as on-campus courses and require the same amount of study and preparation time, completion of homework, and overall commitment to your educational goals. 

Faculty availability

Because Duquesne's faculty teach in the classroom as well as online, they are committed to developing the same strong relationships they have with online students as they experience with their classroom students. Duquesne online students - as individuals, in groups, and as a class - will have regular and appropriate contact with faculty through course email, online discussions, performance feedback, and other interactive technologies.

Innovative uses of technology for instruction and learning

Duquesne's online programs strive through the use of quality course design rubrics, professor training, and course curriculum to provide students with stimulating and effective learning experiences in online courses. Duquesne's online courses are designed around active learning strategies to promote independent action and thinking.

To make a commitment to be a successful online learner

Duquesne's online students should expect to reserve time each day to engage and participate actively in their online course. Please read our Tips for Success for strategies used by online students to be successful and achieve their educational goals.

To have support services available to you  

Duquesne is committed to the success of its students. Not only are its courses designed with you, the student learner, at the center, but you will also have an advisor and academic resources, such as an online writing center, online library services, and a learning support center able to assist you. You also will have access to an Orientation to Online Learning, to help prepare you for success in this learning environment.