Online Student Orientation

Duquesne Students who enroll in an online program or sign up for an online course gain access to an informative orientation experience customized for online learners.

Essentials in Online Learning at Duquesne is designed to help prepare students to be effective online learners by providing interactive modules on the following topics:

  • Duquesne Resources (an introduction to the key services and support resources available to online students)
  • Online Learning Skills (a framework for how to think about and approach online learning that outlines tips and strategies for success)
  • Getting Started with Blackboard (an introduction to Duquesne's online course environment where you can practice using the tools and functions used in most online courses)

After completing this experience, you'll become part of the Duquesne University Community of nearly 9,500 students, 93,000 alumni and a 140+ year history of academic excellence, and you'll be ready to take your first online course!

Each academic program may feature additional orientation materials or require different processes to get started. Be sure to check with your academic advisor to review expectations before your courses begin.

Prospective Online Students

If you are not yet enrolled in an online program or course, go to the Online Student Experience page to learn more about what you can expect as an online student at Duquesne.

Current Online Students

If you are enrolled in an online course, login to DORI and select the Blackboard icon in the upper right-hand corner to view your list of courses. Visit Essentials in Online Learning at Duquesne to get started. If you do not see Essentials in Online Learning at Duquesne listed as one of your courses, contact your academic advisor for additional assistance.

Welcome as an online student to Duquesne University!