Medical Absence Policy

  • Duquesne's Health Service does not issue written medical excuses covering class absences or missed examinations.
  • Students seen by Health Service should notify their advisor and professor(s) immediately after being seen.
  • At the request of an instructor and with the permission of the student, the director of Health Service will verify a visit via telephone or E-mail.
  • In the event a student becomes hospitalized, a Health Service staff member will notify the advisor and give an approximate length of stay.
  • Following an illness, students must contact their advisor and professors  for make-up work and assignments.

Confidentiality Agreement

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of all Health Service patients is critical and required by University policy.
  • At no time will the diagnosis of the patient be revealed to parents, faculty or staff without the patient's written consent.
  • Health Service will make every attempt to facilitate communication between students and professors regarding absences.
  • Students have primary responsibility for notifying professors of mild, non-acute, non-critical absences.