Declaration of Major

  1. Login to DORI.
  2. Select Index Icon in upper right screen.
  3. See Schools in DORI - Select Liberal Arts.
  4. See Bachelor's Programs - Select Resources for Undergraduate Students.
  5. Select: Major/Minor Declaration Form from list. Complete ALL information as requested on the form. NOTE: "*" = required fields.
  6. When you get to Advisor's Name, select Non-Liberal Arts adding a major from the drop down list.
  7. Complete ALL requested address and contact information.
  8. When you get to Expected graduation date, select the semester you anticipate that you will graduate. (Don't worry too much about this field. It can be changed as you progress at DU.)
  9. Major Declaration > Primary Major, Select your specific Liberal Arts program from the list.
  10. SKIP all other fields in this section including "Minor, Concentration, Certificate, Second Major, Second Minor, Third Major, Third Minor."
  11. Click SUBMIT at the end and you're finished.