Blackboard @ Duquesne

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system (LMS) designed to support fully online and hybrid courses and supplement face-to-face courses. Duquesne has been using Blackboard since 1998 for teaching and learning, program support, collaboration, research, and more. Blackboard provides many features for enhancing teaching and learning efforts for faculty and students.

Extending the capabilities of Blackboard are the following Blackboard Building Block partners available to students, faculty, and programs:

  • Blackboard Mobile Apps
  • Starfish Connections & Retention Systems
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Nearpod Interactive Presentation Creator
  • VoiceThread
  • MyMediasite
  • Qwickly Attendance
  • Blue Student Evaluation System (SES)
  • SafeAssign Plagiarism Prevention Service

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Faculty & Staff

Accessing Blackboard

Blackboard can be accessed by logging into DORI and clicking on the Blackboard link located at the top right hand side of the page.

Blackboard Training

We offer Blackboard training via both in-person workshops and self-guided online tutorials. We highly recommend, but do not require, Blackboard training for any Faculty, Staff and TAs that will be managing a Blackboard course or community site. For more information or to sign up for training, visit our training page.

Blackboard Help

You can access help documentation and tutorial videos by logging into Blackboard and visiting the Blackboard Help tab. Help can also be found by visiting

You can also obtain help by contacting Educational Technology at or 412-396-5625.

Guidelines for Using Blackboard

Blackboard is the supported learning management system for Duquesne University. As the learning management system for Duquesne University, the University observes the following procedures for its use.

Blackboard Course Sites for Teaching

Each semester, a Blackboard course site will be automatically created for each course that faculty are assigned to teach. This occurs approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the semester. If you would like to begin working on your course site prior to this time, you may make a request through Bb Services to have your site created.

You can also request to add additional users (TA, Grader, Co-Instructor), migrate content from a previous semester, apply a program template, and combine multiple sections of the same course into one site.

Student Enrollment

Students that have been enrolled in your course through Banner will be automatically enrolled in your Blackboard course site approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Note: When course sites are created, they are made unavailable to your students in order to allow you time to develop the site prior to student access. When you are ready for students to access your course site, you will have to make it available to them. Instructions for this process can be found in the What Instructors Need to Know module of the My Bb Home tab of Blackboard.

Course Ownership

Only the instructor of record, or the department chair or Dean in the instructor's absence, can grant permission for the content of a course site to be made available to another instructor or copied for use by another instructor. Without the permission of the instructor of record, chair, or Dean sent by email to, the course material will not be made available to another instructor or copied into another instructor's course site.

Academic Integrity in Course Sites

All Blackboard course sites and communication therein are subject to Duquesne University's Academic Policies & Procedures.


Accessing Blackboard Course Sites

  • Blackboard can be accessed by logging into DORI and clicking on the Blackboard link located at the top right hand side of the page.
  • Remember that not necessarily all of the courses you are taking will have a Blackboard course site. It is up to your instructor whether they choose to use Blackboard or not.
  • If your instructor chooses to use Blackboard, you will be enrolled into your courses in Blackboard approximately two weeks before the start of each semester.
  • If your instructor is using Blackboard, the course site may not be available at the very beginning of the term. Your instructor will decide when to make the site available to you.

Blackboard Help

There are several ways that you can receive help with Blackboard:

  • Visit the Blackboard Student Orientation course in which you are enrolled.
  • Visit the My Bb Home tab of Blackboard to view the technical requirements needed for Blackboard.
  • Log into Blackboard and visit the Bb Student Help area of the Blackboard Help tab.
  • Visit
  • Contact the CTS Help desk at or 412-396-4357.

Bb Student Mobile App

Blackboard has released a new, free mobile app called Bb Student. Bb Student was designed with the intention of providing a user friendly and modern experience to help you achieve your educational goals. View the Quick Start Instructions to learn how to download and begin using Bb Student. For more help, visit