Educational Technology Staff

"With more than 65 years of combined services at Duquesne, we strive to support faculty and staff in their use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience."

-Educational Technology Staff

Director of Educational Technology

Photo of Brian Bolsinger

Brian P. Bolsinger, MBA

Director, Educational Technology
302 Libermann Hall

Ed Tech Support Analyst

Photo of Mike Marafino

Mike Marafino, BSBA

Ed Tech Support Analyst II
318 Libermann Hall

Instructional Designers

Photo of Nola Coulson

Nola Anne Coulson, MLIS

Instructional Designer III
305 Libermann Hall

Ed Tech Application Specialists

Photo of Linda Kincel

Linda Kincel, M.A.

Ed Tech Application Specialist III
303 Libermann Hall

Photo of Elisabeth Henry

Elisabeth Henry, M.S.Ed.

Instructional Designer II
304 Libermann Hall

Photo of Karen Seach

Karen Seach, B.S.

Ed Tech Application Specialist III
303 Libermann Hall

Photo of Jennifer Costello

Jennifer Costello, M.S.Ed.

Instructional Designer I
319 Libermann Hall

Photo of Ashley Canning

Ashley Canning, M.Ed.

Ed Tech Application Specialist II
303 Libermann Hall